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January 23, 2017

                                     PUBLISHER'S NOTE

Kiiton Press was established to fill the void and neglect left by the major
publishing houses.  In addition, Kiiton Press focuses on publishing books
especially for Liberian writers who otherwise may not have their books  
published by the big publishing houses.  This is why we have set up what we
call the New KP Liberian Writers Series; to publish books for Liberian
writers who need a professional publisher that understands the Liberian
culture and context.  We invite non-Liberian authors as well as those who are
first time authors. 
Some of the authors for whom we publish are minorities, Latin
Americans, Caribbean, Africans, African-Americans, Women, Children,
Scholars, Non-scholars, Students and many more. We invite you to please visit
our website:

Our official position at Kiiton Press is that we need to cultivate
dialogue and communication essential to growth and development.
Our publications reflect the opinions of their authors and are not necessarily
representative of the official position of the publisher.

We encourage the school system in Liberia to include our books on
their list of textbooks or reading materials to be used in the various high schools,
colleges and universities as the needs arise.  We also encourage the general
public to use these books because there is much to learn from what Liberian
writers do write.

We encourage Liberian writers to visit our site and read what we are
capable of offering them and how we can publish their works. We encourage
Liberian writers to write textbooks for Liberian schools--books that are contextual,
relevant, informative, and capable of stimulating learning and invoking interest
in the subject matter.  

Dr. Nya Kwiawon Taryor, Sr.

CEO. Founder, Publisher, and President
Kiiton Press


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ISBN 0-913491-47-0
  New KP Series # 1

ISBN 978-0913491-14-0
New KP Series #2

ISBN 978-0913491-23-2
New KP Series #3

$30.00 ISBN 978-0913491-37-9 New KP Series #5

$12.00 ISBN 978-0913491-24-9 New KP Series #7

ISBN 978-0913491-29-4
New KP Series #9

ISBN 978-0913491-90-4
New KP Series #8

ISBN 978-0913491-72-8
New KP Series #12

$15.00 ISBN 978-0913491-40-9 New KP Series #11

$26.00 ISBN 978-0913491-44-7 New KP Series #18

$17.00 ISBN 978-0913491-43-0 New KP Series #17

$25.00 ISBN 978-0913491-45-4 New KP Series #19

$25.00 ISBN 978-0913491-22-5 New KP Series #4

$25.00 ISBN 978-0913491-91-1 New KP Series #13

$30.00 ISBN -0-913491-46-2

$15.00 ISBN -0-913491-05-5

$10.00 ISBN 978-0913491-44-6 Old KP Series #13

$35.00 ISBN -0-913491-03-9 Old KP Series #2

$35.00 Liberia Facing Mount Nimba:  A Documentary History of the United Nimba Citizens' Council (UNICCO) Old Liberian Writers Series #4 ISBN (10) 0-913491-12-8 (Paperback) ISBN (13) 0-913491-12-6  (Paperback)

$60.00 Hard cover Justice, Justice, A Cry of My People.    1985  First Liberian Writers Series #1 ISBN (10) 0-913491-04-7  (Hardback) ISBN (10) 0-913491-03-9 (Paperback) Nya Kwiawon Taryor--Author/Editor

$35.00 Liberia Military Dictatorship:  A Fiasco 'Revolution' 1985 
Old Liberian Writers Series #3
ISBN (10) 0-913491-07-1  (Hardback)
ISBN (10) 0-913491-06-3- (Paperback)
ISBN (13) 0-913491-06-5  (Paperback)

ISBN 0-913491-46-6-4
Old KP Series #8

               Book In Progress

ISBN  978-0-13491-42-3
New KP Series #13
Nya  Kwiawon Taryor,
Mãhwè Mìndàn Kìì  
[Mãhwè 201] 
second Primer.  
Learning to Speak the Mãh             Language of Nimba County, Liberia, West Africa.
ISBN  (10) 0-913491-17-9
ISBN (13) 978-0-913491-17-1

New Liberian Writer Series #6

$35.00 Bishop Arthur F. Kulah Theological Education in Liberia: Problems and Opportunities   1994 Old Liberian Writers Series #10 ISBN (10) 0-913491-25-X ISBN (13) 978-0-913491-25-6

$35.00  Bishop George D. Browne
he Episcopal Church of Liberia Under  Indigenous Leadership: Reflections  On A Twenty-Year Episcopate   1994. Old Liberian Writers Series #9 ISBN (10) 0-913491-20-9 ISBN (13) 978-0-913491-20-1

ISBN 978-0913491-14-0
New KP Series #2

Dr. C. William Allen 
The Afrian Interior Mission School
First Liberian Writers Series #9

ISBN (10) 0-913491-15-2 (Paperback)
ISBN (13) 978-913491-15-7  (Paperback)
Old Liberian Writer Series #6

Religion and Politics in Liberia
Nya Kwiawon Taryor
Old Liberian Writers Series

$50.00 paperback Justice, Justice, A Cry of My People.    1985  Old Liberian Writers Series #1 ISBN (10) 0-913491-04-7  (Hardback) ISBN (10) 0-913491-03-9 (Paperback) Nya Kwiawon Taryor--Author/Editor

Music By Fatu Gayflor
One of Liberia's talented Musicians

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