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For a minimal fee of only $50.00 we will place your announcements, advertisements, and resum
é here on our website for as long as you want it there. This is the website where all Liberians, and other Africans visit from time to time for their important information--News, educational pieces, and materials for their research. This is where authors and book buyers came to see our publications and submit their manuscripts for publication.  This is where you also enjoy some fine African music, classical music and other Traditional African music. This is the site where Liberians and others from many other African countries can read about their countries, see their national flags and listen to their Anthems.

Place you advertisement here. We accept your announcement about your weddings, funerals and/or death news, birthday parties, graduations, organization meetings, and community programs.  Place your resume here because business people and employers visit our site daily to see if there are  qualified candidates registered on our site to be hired in their industries.

To contact us call us at
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 Dr. Nya Kwiawon Taryor
339 Union Avenue Suite #3
Providence, Rhode Island 02909

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Ten (10) Reasons why All Your Advertisements and Community Announcements should come here:

1. More people will see your information over and over again. We have had over



2. Unlike the listserv,  your information will be easily accessible in a location when needed.

3. Your information will be kept as long as you want it there.  Unlike the listserv, no one will be able to delete your information unless you  delete it yourself. 

4. You can give the site address to your relatives, friends, family members, associates at work or school, and to other people to see your information when they need it.

5.   Those who see your information do not have to be subscribed to Liberian listserv like EveryLiberian, UNICCO06 or OLM-Adm04.

6. You or anyone can visit your page anytime unlike if it were on a listserv that needs subscription or membership before you can get in it.  Even if you got on the liserv, you will not know where to find the information you need; and if you do, it will take you a long time before you find what you are looking for.

7. Those of you who want to post your Resumé here, it is a good feeling to know that employers will find your information without you looking for them to send your information to them.  We will help you design a very compelling and competitive Resumé, the kind that has the information the employers are look for. That will give you a competitive edge over others in your category and line of employment.

8. We charge little or nothing as compared to TLC and other sites that will carry your information.

9.    In many ways we go out of our ways to promote your business. Google, Yahoo! MSN, Bing, Aol and other social media such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are part of our system connections that help with easy accessibility and connectivity to the world wide network linking our site to them all.  

10.   It is just a good management and wise business decision to post your information on a recognized professional website that many people the world over can visit every day.


We Print Funeral Programs

We offer professional service for those of you who will loose a relative, family member or a friend here and wish to take the body back to Liberia and want to carry a Funeral Service Program for the Wake-keeping, Funeral service and Burial.  We offer our service.  

Some of you who may loose a relative back in Liberia or anywhere, and wish to be at the funeral service but want your folks back home to have a professionally well designed and printed program to take with you to the funeral, can certainly use our service.  

Give us all the information, photographs, dates of each activity, day, time, obituary, and all you need to add in the program booklet, we will serve you well.  Here is a sample of the most recent Prgram Booklet we put together for the Celebration Marking the Home-going of Mr. david Tamkpor Gayflor Karlea.

  February 21 - 22, 2014

Call us at 
Dr. Nya Kwiawon Taryor

Go to contact information and leave me your message, I will get back with you.

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