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Gbehlay Developoment Association

We can publish your constitution for your organization or association.
We have published constitutions for UNICCO chapters and many other organizations and associations from Nimba County.  Here are the costs for publishing your constitution.  These costs are for constitutions that
come to us almost camera ready.  That means that the work must be
already edited by the time we receive it.  It should be no more than 50 pages.  However, if it is 50 pages or more, there will be additional charges. The work must be sent to us on CD or Memory Card or emailed to us.
We do not accept any work that comes in PDF files.  It must be in MicroSoft Word document to enable us to set the pages for book format.   We do not charge additonal fees for artwork or photographs. 

The costs below comprise of formatting your work into a booklet form;
staple binding, cover design, and printing your desired number of copies. The chairperson of the constitution committee or the designated person to work as liaison between Kiiton Press and the Organization must be qualified and responsible to sign the contract, negotiate, and make all payments for the publication at the appropriate times.

The text is printed on 24lb white paper that does not bleed.  The cover is printed on 72 lb. 10.5 mil glossy coated paper.  It is not laminated or coated after printing. Laminated covers are for additional charges.
The size of your final book is 8 1/2 X 5.

After the work is published, the organization receives 5 comp
limentary copies from the publisher.  Once the final payments are made, the liaison must arrange for shipment.  Kiiton Press is not responsible for the cost of shipping the books; the organization is responsible to pay for the shipment of the books to any destination they suggest.  Fifty percent, 50% down payment is required at the time of the contract and the balance 50% after the complimentary copies are sent to the liaison officer.

Number of books       Production cost per book                    Total Cost
50            $10.00                   $500.00
100 $9.00            $900.00
150 $8.50            $1,275.00
200 $7.00           $1,400.00
250 $6.75           $1,687.50
300 $6.00                $1,800.00
After this point, any number of books 300 and up remains $6.00
per book.  There are several advantages to be gleaned from
publishing your constitution. Basically two advantages. 

1.  Your members will gain insight from reading the constitution and everyone will have a copy to take with them everywhere they go.   They will learn the rules and regulations of your organization at their leisure. When everyone knows the constitution, it helps in the
smooth running of the organization because everyone will know
what the constitution says about each regulation. This will
help the organization from much confusion as to what is required.

2.  Your organization will use the constitution as a fundraiser,
to raise money for projects.  Let us consider that you printed 200
copies of your constitution and paid $1,400.00 for the work. 
You decide to sell each copy for $20.00 to your members as the
Gbehlay Developoment Association sold theirs for $20.00.  If you
multiply 20 by 200, you earn $4,000 dollars for your organization.
When you subtract your expenses of $1,400.00 your profit will be $2,600.00 after you take away your $1,400 you spent for production.
You get your $1,400 right back plus you earn additional $2,600.00.
Now that you have back your $1,400.00 you add the $2,600 to your
$1,400, you will have $4,000.00 in your organization's coffer. What
an easy and clean way of earning cold and residual fair and honest cash with very little effort. 

Instead of just asking every member to pay $20.00 to the organization, you now have something to give to them in return 
for the money--you give the constitution which is also educational.
   That is an excellent way of raising money for your organization.
   Everyone gains in the process.  The people will learn their constitution and keep their copies to refer to every time they want; and the organization earns free $2,600.00 you can now add to your $1,400.00  to bring the total to $4,000.00 you can now invest in development projects of your choice.  The more constitution
books you order and sell, the more money you will earn.


The turn around time is 30 working days or less. If we have to do editing and restructuring and formatting of the constitution,  
adding and subtracting, it may be 45 days plus additional small charge for the editing and restructuring will be added. 



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