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Dr. Sanubo Toeque, II

                   The Author

The author has both a religion and chemistry background. All his life, he believed his grandmother, Nyfanju Martha Toeque, was his mother. When he found out that the woman who raised him was his grandmother and not his mother, he grieved. He then asked his grandma, “But where is my mother?” That was the one question his grandmother struggled to answer. Definitely the uncomfortable left him to grieve. His father told him that when he was only 2 years old, his mother, Juwee Sinue Toeque, was poisoned by the food she ate from a woman. Ever since he learned that, he prayed to the Almighty to have his children see and enjoy their mother.

The author, Dr. Toeque, has a message for those of you who have your mothers. Please do everything under the sun to love and obey your mothers. Dr. Toeque’s grandma served a dual role. If she did not say anything, he probably would have always believed she was his mother. When she told him the truth, he started asking for his mother’s picture. But there was no picture in sight. Dr. Toeque’s father told him later that his mother did not like taking pictures. She said that Dr. Toeque and his brother were her pictures.

Dr. Toeque does not want to talk about where he went to school and the number of degrees he got. Whatever he got, he gave God the glory. Rather than continuing to talk about himself, Dr. Toeque would like to talk about his children and his wife.

Dr. Toeque comes from the Barrobo ethnic group, and his wife, Mona Toeque, BS, MBA, RN, MSN, is from the Kru or Klao ethnic group. They met in Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa. They are blessed with six children: three boys and three girls, and four grandchildren. All of their children are purpose driven and thank the Almighty God for that. Dr. Toeque and his wife are not to take any credit for any achievement that their children have made in this world with the uncomfortable roaming the earth looking for young men and women to mess with.


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