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      Posted on March 25, 2018

     The title of the book:

 A Dawning of a New Day In Liberia, 21st Century: 

Our Problems, Our Challenges, Our Hopes,

And Our Opportunities

Publication date:  May 15, or earlier than May 15, 2018


                 A year ago, 2017, I wrote over ten articles concerning issues in contemporary Liberia, Nigeria and South Africa. Successfully, I was   able to publish each of these articles in most of Liberian Newspapers and  one in two Nigerian Newspapers.

I became motivated when I published an article concerning the wave of attacks on foreign-owned shops in some South African townships (Xenophobia), generated in one of the internet sites over 5,852 readers.  Also in one of Liberia’s newspapers, an article generated over 2, 200 readers on Facebook just in two months. Another newspaper generated about 4, 470 readers since May 2017, when the article published. This article was addressing the debate about  Liberians with dual citizenship status and their participation within the Liberian Government.

Thus, in view of these experiences, I realized the need to put these various articles and put them in a book form. The violence has ended in Liberia, and the time has come for each Liberian endeavor to find a common sense approach to solving the nation's 21st century problems and issues.

Liberia indeed needs new visionary leaders, that must be created, nurtured and armed with the structures of a modern state to perceive leadership that use politics as an opportunity to be of service to the people.

  Mr. Gideon Strauss, (a Senior Fellow of the Center for Public Justice and Associate Professor in Worldview Studies at the Institute for Christian Studies), echoed in one of his articles: “African businesspeople will have to create the industries that will generate the jobs African workers need. African teachers will have to provide the education that African children need to be economically productive and politically effective. African nurses and doctors will have to do the hard work of raising the quality of health care Africans need. African parents will have to give their children the love, security, and discipline they need to grow into responsible and courageous adults. African political leaders will have to make the changes that will reduce corruption and generate the laws, policies, and practices needed to enable and encourage these preceding non-political efforts. And African citizens will have to create the popular pressure that pushes African governments towards these necessary changes”.

The legendary United States leader, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, was correct when he wrote: “It is time for a new generation of leadership to cope with new problems and new opportunities.”

His words still ring true today in contemporary times. Liberia’s new generation of leaders need to address the issues and problems of Liberia from its historical perspective; especially leaders who appreciate and understand the history of the republic since its inception as a sovereign nation in 1847, using the lessons of history as a conduit to foster national unity and reconciliation.  This book “A Dawning of a New Day in Liberia 21st Century”, is designed to help each Liberian to navigate the problems, challenges, hopes and opportunities. The destiny of Liberia is in the hands of each of us as Liberians.

Edmund Zar-Zar Bargblor

Providence, Rhode Island

         Mr. Edmund Zar Zar Bargblor 

ISBN  978-0-913491-47-8

Library of Congress Control Number:  2018941754


The Author, Edmund Bargblor & his wife

Agnes D. Bargblor

This book is dedicated to my beautiful wife and children, without their encouragement, I will not have been able to write this book.  It has been my wife’s desire for me to obtain my doctorate or a book.  She has realized that I have    a passion for writing. To all my children, Michelle, Nayisha, Edmund, Jr., Chandra and Andreus, my profound appreciation for your support.  Thanks to my nieces, nephews and members of the Bargblor Family for their support


       Mr. Bargblor is a graduate of Cuttington University, Liberia; Howard University, Washington, D. C, and Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel.   He is a trained administrator in the field of Education and public service. He is former President of the African Catholic Community of Rhode Island, former vice President of the Liberian Community Association of Rhode Island, former Chairman of the Board of Directors of Grand Gedeh Association in the Americas, Inc., Administrative Certification from the Rhode Island Department of Education. He served as Chairman of the Department of Mathematics at the Bong Town High School, Bong Mines, Liberia. He has been an Instructor of Mathematics, with the Washington D.C. School, 4 years and the Providence School Department   for over 25 years.  Mr. Bargblor is a former Deputy Managing Director of the National Port Authority of Liberia, NPA.

       He has   excellent public relations skills and had worked with various community-based organizations in the United States. 

         Mr. Bargblor was born in Bargblor Blee, Gborho Chiefdom, Grand Gedeh County, Republic of Liberia. He is the grandson of King Bargblor, son of Zaiyee Bargblor, and Mrs. Wrehda’ Bargblor. He is married to Agnes D. Bargblor, RN and they have five children (Michelle, Nayisha, Edmund Jr., Chandra and Andreus).

Gedeh Super Ahmuyan Music Group

The first track is  "Liars Be careful What You Say." The next is "Thank  You Edmund Bargblor and Others." The lead singer is Roland Gbaye.  The language in which the song is the Krahn language. 


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170 pages
15 Chapters
Cover is laminated



   I am honored to acknowledge to all my readers, the various newspapers in Liberia and some in Nigeria, who continue to publish my various articles. I am grateful for their willingness to publish my articles, irrespective of their lengthy presentations. Finally, to my deepest appreciation to the various Internet sites and Facebook pages for publishing my articles. Sites like African Intellectual Forum,,, etc., my gratitude for profiling my various articles to their   respective readers.  It is their collective encouragement that continues to provide to inspiration, my strength and me.

     I would also like to acknowledge the members of the Mary Queen of Africa, Council 73, Knights of Columbus, located at the Parish Holy Name of Jesus, in the City of Providence, Rhode Island, for their support and fraternal bond.

My sentiments of appreciation to the Rev. Father Joseph D. Santos, Jr., Parish Administrator of the Church of the Holy Name of Jesus and Rev. Father Lazarus Ejike Onuh, Chaplain & Spiritual Director of the African Community of Rhode Island,  for their spiritual guidance.

To the Rev. Father Jude O. Onuchukwu, Ph. D., Founder and Former & Spiritual Director of the African Catholic Community of Rhode Island], I express my gratitude for his guidance and perseverance during the formation a of our African Catholic Community.


The Publisher’s Note

          Kiiton Press was established to fill the void and neglect left by the major publishing houses.  In addition, Kiiton Press focuses on publishing books especially for Liberian writers who otherwise may not have their books published by the big publishing houses.  This is why we have set up what we call the New KP Liberian Writers Series; to publish books for Liberian writers who need a professional publisher that understands the Liberian culture and context. 

         This book by Edmund is Series #20 in the New KP Liberian Writers Series. The book discusses issues relating to Liberia in particular and Africa in general.   The Author explains why he thinks President George Weah must succeed. He discusses his rationales why Liberians need dual citizenship and the issues with Liberian children that are born abroad. He discusses the new Islam phenomenon in West Africa and the role of Edward Wilmot Blyden in Liberian history.  Edmund also advocates for Liberian children, and the role of women in Liberia. About other issues relating to the empowerment of women, youth, Liberian economy, education and technical skills for Liberian children, he articulated his views.  The Author addresses the difficulties Liberians are experiencing in Libya, South Africa and other places where Liberians are in the diaspora. These are very important issues, crisis, problems and challenges for Liberia in the 21st century.

          Mr. Bargblor navigates his readers through these difficult and confluent situations and he also helps in addressing what he thinks are viable options for solving those problems and challenges.

          We invite non-Liberian authors as well as those who are first time authors.  Some of the authors for whom we publish are minorities, Latin Americans, Caribbean, Africans, African-Americans, Women, Children, Scholars, Non-scholars, Students and many more. We invite you to please visit our website: 

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