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           AUGUST 24

  The making of the Liberian

According to Liberian History, Seven women made the Liberian
flag that has the one star; which we, today, call the Liberin flag. The famous of them is Susanna Lewis who was the Chairlady of the Flag Committee. The other six women included: Sarah Draper from Philadelphia, Mary L. Hunter from South Carolina, Rachel Johnson, Matilda Newport, Mrs. J. B. Russwurm from Baltimore, Maryland, and Collinette Teage Ellis from Virginia. The flag with the one star was hoisted on July 26, 1847, the day Joseph Jenkins Roberts, the first President of Liberia, declared Liberia's independence from the American Colonization Society. August 24, 1847 was declared Flag Day for Liberia. July 26th, Independence Day and August 24th, Flag day.

  First flag of Liberia
1827- 1847  
 Click here 1st flag


Song Wtitten by
Edwin J. Barclay

When freedom raised her glowing form

on Montserrado's verdant height,

She set within the doom of night,

'midst low ring stars and thunderstorms

the star of liberty - and seizing from the

waking morn, its burnished shield of golden flame

she lifted in her proud name

and raise a people long forlorn

to noble destiny


The Lone Star forever!

The Lone Star forever!

O long may it float over land

and over sea.

Desert it, no never!

Uphold it, forever!

O shout for the Lone Star banner,

All hail.

Song written by
President Edwin James Barclay (1882-1955)
President of Liberia from 1930-1944


My Flag, I will be True to You

Oh Flag of red and white and blue
I hear you say be true be true
Oh Splender Flag of Starry New
I will be true to you to you
My Flag, My Flag, I will be true to you.

I Love Our Country Flag

Our Flag is such a pretty Flag
I love to see it wave
I love it red and white and blue
I love our Country Flag


Liberia National Anthem

All hail, Liberia, hail! (All hail!)
All hail, Liberia, hail! (All hail!)
This glorious land of liberty,
Shall long be ours.
Though new her name,
Green be her fame,
And mighty be her powers,
And mighty be her powers.
In joy and gladness,
With our hearts united,
We'll shout the freedom,
Of a race benighted.
Long live Liberia, happy land!
A home of glorious liberty,
By God's command!
A home of glorious liberty,
By God's command!

All hail, Liberia, hail! (All hail!)
All hail, Liberia, hail! (All hail!)
In union strong success is sure.
We cannot fail!
With God above,
Our rights to prove,
We will o'er all prevail,
We will o'er all prevail!
With heart and hand our country's cause defending,
We'll meet the foe with valour unpretending.
Long live Liberia, happy land!
A home of glorious liberty,
By God's command!
A home of glorious liberty,
By God's command!

The words were written by Daniel Bashiel Warner (1815-1880)
3rd President of Liberia (1864-1868)

The music was composed by Olmstead Luca (1826-1869)
The song became the Liberian National Anthem in 1847.

   What the Liberian Flag Represents       
The Name of the Liberian Flag- -  LONE STAR

The 11 horizontal stripes of white and red stand for the 11
people who signed the Liberian Declaration of Independence
and the Constitution of Liberia in 1847.
The blue field represents the continent of Africa.
The white star represents the first Independent Country in
Africa at the time.
The 3 colors of the National flag
          represent the following:

1.    Red--valor (courage, bravery, fearlessness, our willingness
      to fight or die for our country)

2.    White--purity  (cleanness, clarity, goodness, honesty, morality, 
integrity, decency virtue and  
impeccability are our values)

3.       Blue--fidelity  (faithfulness, loyalty, constancy, trust-worthiness,
dependability, reliability,
 trueheartedness, obedience, faithfullness, authenticity and allegiance to our country.


    County Flags below

Bomi County                                Bong County

Gbarpolu County     Grand Bassa County

Grand Cape Mount County         Grand Gedeh County

Grand Kru                                Lofa County

Margibi County                         Maryland County

Montserrado County                 Nimba County

River Cess County                    River Gee County

Sinoe County


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Name These Flags

The names of the counties are not on the flags.  It is expected that you will name them and tell which flag belongs to which county.  Do not only name your county's flag; I hope you will be able to name all the counties these flags belong to.

If you are having difficulties, scroll up and study the flags with the names of the counties they belong to.

       Thank you.


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