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Posted February 16, 2014
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Announcement on the Death of Judge James Zotaa

On January 30th the cold hands of death robbed us of the late Judge James Zotaa, a true patriot, the poor man’s lawyer, loving husband, father, brother, friend and a true son of Nimba County and Liberia.

Following his graduation from the Luis Arthur Grimes School of Law in 1982, Judge Zotaa returned to Nimba to actualize his dream to help liberate his people from the disadvantages of poor and in most cases a lack of effective legal representation. He later was selected and served as a member of the Nimba County delegation at the Liberian National 1986 Constitutional Review Commission.  

He was clearly highly caring and generous to everyone and will be forever remembered for all of the lives which were made a little better and those who became a little wiser and more confident because of Judge James Zota. He will be laid to rest on the 22nd of February at Mount Barclay, Liberia.

In light of his invaluable contributions to the people of Nimba County, Liberia, and people everywhere,  a teleconference meeting is scheduled to be held on February 18, at 6:00 PM.  The number to call is for the teleconference is 712-775-7300 access code 24032. Those interested in additional details on the meetings and making contributions to the funeral should call or send an email to following:

                    Mr. Stephen Konah at 609-533-5029               

                       Dr. George Gonpu at 973-432-3108

                       Mr. Ericson Mentor at 856-200-5285              

                         J. Yanqui Zayzay at 347-816-9241


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