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Judson B. Hodges, Jr.

Jay Hodges is a United Methodist Minister in the North Georgia Annual Conference.   He has served churches in and around the Atlanta area as well as a student appointment in South Georgia where he went  to college at Georgia Southern University.  He received his Master of Divinity at Candler School of Theology in 1972 and completed a Doctor of Ministry degree in 1991.  He is married to Linda and has two daughters.  Jay and Chrissie.  Curently (at the time of the completion of this book, 1993) he was serving the Redan United Methodist church, a town located not too far from Atlanta, Georgia.


From the Publisher's Desk

I was a member of Jay's congregation when he pastored Redan United Methodist Church.  He came to my aid on many occasions.  But this is not about me, it is about the book, Some Said It Thundered:  Looking for God in Ordinary Places and about the Ministry of the Man who wrote this book.

When I published Jay's book  20 years ago, I knew we were publishing a book that had a potential of becoming a devotional classic.  In my own ministries, I have carried this book with me wherever I have done my teaching, preaching and publishing. At the Universities, Colleges, and Seminaries I have taught in since 1993, my students and I have used this book as our devotional guide.  The churches I have pastored since that time, my congregants have used this book for our Sunday School devotional guide.

I wish I have had this book in the 970's and 80's when I was involved in the progressive movement and teaching in the university and seminary in Liberia. I think this book has a potential of becoming a classic if it can be republished for mass distribution. Thank you Jay for your practical ministry and very touching messages that bring the Gospel to life in your book.  The book is very contextual, pratical, down to earth, biblically sound, existential, and ever contemporary.  Its messages are timeless and they transend nationality, color, and race.  Its messages touch the human heart and human  spirit in special ways. 

Dr. Nya Kwiawon Taryor, Sr.
CEO, Founder, President and
Publisher, Kiiton Press

ISBN  (10)  0-913491-27-6
ISBN (13)  987-0-913491-27-0

Praises for Jay's book

"Jay Hodges shares his gift of seeing and sensing the reality of God in its subtlety as well as its grandeur.  Biblically grounded, Hodges's God loves us, suffers with us, enjoys us.  At the same time, Hodges's God calls us to account and obedience.  The writings in this book invite us to attend to our relaltion with God with faithfulness and trust.  Wonder, worship, and affirmation of creation, woven with faint threads of honest doubt, give this collection of meditations unusual strength and focus."

James W. Fowler,
C. H. Candler Professor of 
Theology and Human Development
Emory University


These brief devotional reflections bear the mark of real life born of a sensitive pastor's soul.  Jay Hodges offers us a wonderful set of touchstones which reveal the extraordinary grace of God in the daily events and patterns of life. One finds much salt and light in brief moments with these pages."

Dr. Don Saliers
Candler School of Theology
Emory University


"Some Said It Thundered, a devotional book written by Jay Hodges is for all of us who tend to lose sight of God's presence in the routines of daily life.  Page after page he takes our hand, points and says, 'Look, even here God is working' I did, and was blessed."

Rev. Carolyn Morris
Sup't. Athens-Elberton District,
North Georgia Conference, United Methodist Church

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