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Larry P. I. Poole

Book Signing Party for Larry's book was sponsored by the North Chicago Public Library on July 19, 2014.

We at Kiiton Press express our deepest gratitude to the following people:

1. Joan Battley, Director of the Library

2. Barry Baker, IT/LAN Coordinator

3. John Heideman, Children's Librarian

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 Book Signing Party for Larry Poole’s Book                           July 19, 2014

My Name is Nya Kwiawon Taryor, Sr. I am the CEO, Founder, and Publisher at Kiiton Press, the publishing company in Providence, Rhode Island that Published Larry Poole’s first book that he will be signing today at the library in North Chicago Public Library. 
We at Kiiton Press are exceedingly thrilled to know that the people at the North Chicago Public Library are sponsoring a book signing party for Larry Poole today, highlighting his book that we published last year with the title:  The Adventure of Dan, Time Traveling and The Mutated Hamster.
We express our sincere gratitude to you, the North Chicago Community Librarians  for giving the exposure to this child’s work,  for more people to see what he has done, and what he is capable of doing.  We especially want to single out three persons who were very instrumental in this process: 

1.        Joan Battley, Director of the Library

2.        Barry Baker, IT/LAN Coordinator

3.        John Heideman, Children's Librarian

Thank you very much for taking the time, energy and consideration to promote Larry.  We are exceedingly grateful to you. I do not know Larry personally.  Never met him in person before.  I got to know about him through his grandmother, Ms. Cheryl Morrison Brewton.
A year ago, we met at the hospital, Rhode Island hospital, when I went to see my doctor.  I met this special Christian woman who seems to have a very pleasant, and pleasing personality.  I was waiting for my doctor and she walked in sat by me and started sharing with me her Christian commitment to Christ.  Then she said that she has a grandson who is a writer, but no one has published his work. I asked her,  how old was her grandson, and she said, 10 years.  I smiled to myself and wondered what kind of serious writing a 10-year-old kid can do. 
So I challenged her to let me see what the child has written.  I told her If my staff thought it was worth publishing, of course, we would put the work on our press.
Little did Cheryl know about our publishing house.  She never met me before that time and did not know that I was a publisher.  Someone may speculate that maybe by Divine Providence, or through a universal law of karma, or by predestination, that the both of us would be connected with each other at that particular time to bring to reality, Larry’s gifts, talents and literary skills.
Nevertheless, after seeing the work, we thought it would be a new and innovative idea if we started publishing children’s books written by children themselves.  Larry’s work would be our guinea pig or our head start.  So we did.
Larry’s book has encouraged us to start Children’s Book/ Young Authors’ Writers Series at Kiiton Press. Larry has not only encouraged us to expand and reach out to children in our publication work, he has also inspired his own grandmother to try her hands at her own book.  Kiiton Press is now publishing Cheryl’s first book with the title:  A Mother’s Journey.
There is a saying that you cannot teach an old dog a new trick, but Cheryl is doing very well with this new trick and new challenge that Larry has brought for her. Her book is almost to completion.  Both Larry’s and Grandma’s books will soon be in the market.
I want to thank all the people at the A.J. Katzenmaier Elementary School in the North Chicago community.
  If it had not been through the principal and instructors, and Larry’s grandmother, we would not have discovered our young writer and author, Mr. Larry Poole.
We especially wish to thank the Principal, Ms. Antoinette Weatherspoon for her encouragement. We can say without any doubt that Larry appreciates Ms.  Weatherspoon a lot.
We also thank Instructor James True Love for helping Larry to discover his own latent potentials for writing.  Mr. True Love is truly living out and exemplifying the meaning of his name.  That shows TRUE LOVE when a person can help a child uncover his own talents and skills at such early age.
We express our thanks and appreciation to Instructor Brenna Bohl for helping Larry and believing in him. And above all else, we thank Stephanie Brewton, Larry’s mother, who is the key architect and genesis of this child we celebrate today for his unusual literary skills and contribution at this very young age.
About Larry himself, I do not know what to say.  The sky is his limit.  No telling how many people this kid is going to inspire.  We know for sure, he has special gifts, talents and graces.  Larry has inspired us to see new options in our operation.  We thank Larry for believing in himself and believing in those around him who are impacting him positively. We at Kiiton Press will follow up on his progress.  Maybe -  just maybe, he might become one of the celebrated writers and authors of his time.  We are exceedingly happy and excited that we were the first to lay the cornerstone for that foundation.
As we have helped Larry to harness his literary skills by publishing his first book, we can do the same for any of you too.  We encourage teachers, students and people of all ages, professions, and educational levels to share their manuscripts with us, to see if we can help you publish your own books. You can find our telephone number, email and website addresses in Larry’s book.

Kiiton Press:  c/o Dr. Nya Kwiawon Taryor, Sr.
Email address:
Website address:
Telephone:  401-432-7102 Home/office
Cell phone:  401-545-9073

And finally, to all who are listening, we want to encourage you to read Larry’s book. We want you to read the last sentence found on the back cover of his book. Larry wrote:



Larry Poole is a ten year old boy from North Chicago, Illinois.
When Larry wrote this book, he was in the 5th grade.  This
May, 2013, he graduated and is now in the sixth grade.  Larry has
other manuscripts he has written that he is thinking about
submitting for publication.  We encourage other children with
talents to inquire into our Children's book/Young Authors' Series

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