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We particularly invite Liberian writers to contribute 

to our Liberian Writers Series.  Our Dream is that 
the Liberian Writers Series will encourage
Liberian scholars to write textbooks
that are relevant and contextual for
 Liberian schools, colleges and Universities.
Most of the books in our school system, colleges
universities and even seminaries are books
written in foreign countries by foreigners for their children.
Most of those books do not address our realities.  This is why
it is important for Liberians to begin to write their
own books that address Liberian context and realities.

Our Discount Schedule and Return Policy

Here is our discount schedule for:
libraries, wholesalers, 

bookstores, distributors, jobbers, 
schools and other institutions

1 book---------------------0%
2 - 4 books-----------20 %
5 - 50 books--------40%
51-100 books or more books----50%

Return Privileges:

Return Policy:  
Books in saleable condition may be returned 
for credit not less than 90 days, or more than 12 months, 
after date of publisher's invoice.  If books are returned 
with a copy of the invoice 100% of the invoice price, minus 
postage, will be credited; otherwise, it will be assumed that 
the original discount was 50%.




Send communication to: 
Dr. Nya Kwiawon Taryor at 

or to

You can call the office at 401-432-7102


 Here are a few of our publications under the

Old Liberian Writers Series

when we were yet Strugglers' Community Press or


SCP/Third World Literature Publishing House.  They include the following

Books published only for Liberian Authors
under the Liberia Writers Series.

Dr. Edward Lama Wonkeryor.

Liberia Military Dictatorship: A Fiasco “Revolution.”  
ISBN  0-913491-06-3 (paperback) 

Dr. C. William Allen.
The African Interior Mission.  
 ISBN  0-913491-15-2 (paperback) 

Bishop George D. Browne.
The Episcopal Church of Liberia Under Indigenous Leadership: Reflection
On A Twenty Year Episcopate.
ISBN  0-913491-20-9 (paperback) 

Bishop Arthur F. Kulah.
Theological Education in Liberia: Problems and Opportunities. 
ISBN  0-913491-25-X (paperback) 

Rev. J. Lamark Cox, Sr.
A Handbook for Conference, District & Local Church Leaders:
The Liberia Annual Conference United Methodist Church.

Rev. William B. Harris.  
Liberian Legacy.  
ISBN  0-913491-29-2 (paperback) 

Rev. William B. Harris.  
ABCs of Life.  
ISBN  0-913491-44-6 (paperback) 

Counselor Francis Y. Garlawolu.
The Liberian Civil War & Efforts for Peace: Eye Witness 
A  Documentary Account.   
ISBN  0-913491-33-0 (paperback) 

Dr. Nya Kwiawon Taryor, Sr. 
Liberia,  Facing Mount Nimba: A Documentary History of the
United Nimba Citizens’ Council (UNICCO).
ISBN  0-913491-12-8 (paperback) 

__________ À Kɛ̀ɛ̀ Zi: Constitutions and By Laws of  UNICCO.  
ISBN  0-913491-14-4 (paperback) 

 ___The Impact of African Tradition on African Christianity.  
ISBN  0-913491-03-9  (paperback) 
 ISBN 0-913491-04-7  (hardcover)

_________Justice, Justice, A Cry of My People. The Social, Political and
Economic struggle of the Liberian
people in the seventies----
Our Demands for Rice and Rights.

 ISBN  0-913491-01-2 (paperback)
 ISBN  0-913491-00-4 (hardcover)

New KP Liberian Writers Series

# 4                #3           #5             #2           #1

$25.00 US     $30.00 US       $30.00 US  $30.00 US         $25.00 US

The New KP Liberian Writers Series

The New KP Liberian Writers Series No. 1

Series Numbers To buy, click here 

  #1       Nya Kwiawon Taryor.  Mãh Wè Mìndàn Kìì [Mah We 101]  First Primer. Learning to Speak the Mãh Language of Nimba County, Liberia, West Africa. 
                ISBN 0-913491-47-0.  [2010]

The New KP Liberian Writers Series No. 2

 Martha Sendolo Belleh's book,  will be used for Women & Ethnic
Studies as well as an autobiography and a study of life in the
indigenous community.

To buy, please click here:  

#2    Martha Kau Sendolo-Belleh. The Years of My Life
ISBN   (10)    0-913491-14-4
                ISBN   (13)    978-0913491-14-0

Library of Congress Control Number  2012945047



   The New KP Liberian Writers Series No. 4

To buy, Please click here

    Dr. Sanubo Toeque, II.  
   Be Aware of the Uncomfortable:
Will Make the Comfortable Uncomfortable.
ISBN (10) 0-913491-22-5
ISBN (13) 978-0-913491-22-5
Library of Congress Control Number: 2013954358
For more information on this book, click here.    [2013]


   The New KP Liberian Writers Series No. 5
To buy, click here:  

Siahyonkron Nyanseor's book, is a book of Prose and  Liberian Poetry.  It will be used for High School or College Literature. A Professor in Cultural Anthropology or Sociology may want to adopt it for the study of Liberian vernacular, idioms and a study of Liberian English. This book comprises many good essays; it deals with compelling social issues, Life experiences, Bits of Wisdom and a Glossary of some Liberian Idioms.  

         Liberian Writers Series # 5
           ISBN  (10) 0-913491-37-3
        ISBN  (13) 978-0-913491-37-9

            Library of Congress Control Number:   2013921357

 More information is forthcoming
          about this book
  Click here

  The New KP Liberian Writers Series No. 6


        Nya  Kwiawon Taryor, Sr.  Mãhwè Mìndàn Kìì  
   [Mãhwè  201] 
second Primer.  Learning to Speak the Mãh                    Language of Nimba County, Liberia, West Africa.
    ISBN  (10) 0-913491-17-9
ISBN (13) 978-0-913491-17-1                               [2013]

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