Kiiton Press
Mission and Objectives

While the name of our printing company has gone through several name changes, [Strugglers’ Community Press, then SCP Third World Literature Publishing House and now Kiiton Press]:

Our mission and 
Objectives have remained the same:  to fill the 
void and neglect left by the major publishing 
houses, and to
publish books especially for the minorities, 
women, Third World
writers from Africa and especially  
Liberian writers, who otherwise
may not have 
their books published by the big publishing houses.
We at Kiiton Press believe that in order 
for our children to acquire
quality education, the necessary 
tools that make education possible
must be provided 
for them in order to make quality education
Our publishing effort is one way of providing some of 
those essential tools (textbooks) that our children need.

In addition to our Publishing goal, we have three additional
services that we provide.  
1. We Write Grant Proposals
2. We Build Website 
3. We Sponsor Tutorial Services for students that are
enrolled in Degree  Programs

Each of these service areas will be explained clearly on their individual sites.


At the bottom left or right of the page you are on,           
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you will see a little tube like this one.
    To Close, Click in 
Square on the right where the arrow is pointed.                   ⬆TO CLOSE
To stop music click on the square in the black area where the arrow is pointed.
The music will stop and you will enjoy your reading. When you are done and
want to leave the page, just leave the page. The next time you or someone else
comes back to that page, the music will automatically start playing again because
it is looped to play continuously.

This is why we are now starting 
anew, The New KP Liberian Writers Series. Former Minister of Health and Social Welfare of Liberia, Honorable Martha Kau Sendolo-Belleh’s autobiography,  The Years of My Life (over 226 pages) a very fascinating and informative reading is the second in the series. Series No. 2. Visit this site for additional information about this book: Martha's book.     


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