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Musical for Amos Goah

Posted at 6:00 PM Monday, June 23, 2014

  Mr. Goah, this is my treat to you.  This
is to compliment you for sending me back
a copy of the video you took of me when
you asked me to play a tone for you on
my Keyboard. I did not know you love
church music.  I play basically church
and folk music on several musical instruments.
 As you will see, I play the piano, basically by
 ear. I also play the harmonica, by ear as well; 
and I play the guitar, ukulele, autoharp,
and the recorder which looks like a flute.

I do not play for any church or any group
or in any club.  I play the different musical
instruments for my own listening pleasure.  
When my children were growing up, we
spent many happy hours enjoying music.  
My daughter even took piano lessons from
several music teachers.

I was one of the founders of the musical group from
Gban; we called the group, Jungle Music club.
At the time, I was the lead guitar player, or
solo guitar player.  James Gartei and Cooper
Quoibia went on to perfect their music  
career, but I went on to do other things.
However, my heart still longs for those days
I sang in the many choirs: Ganta Mission Church choir
and school Glee Club with David  Toweh and Saye
Johnny Yini.  At the College of West Africa, I was proud
 to sing in the school Choir when Mrs. Ernestine Smith,
was our Choir Director. The Cuttington College Choir
opened my eyes and heart to appreciate very many
African music from many parts of Africa.  Even in
graduate school and post graduate schools, I was
always attached to some musical group.

Music education is a sound education that
lives with you all your life. It becomes even rewarding
      if you can play one or two musical instruments. The intrinsis and instrumental values are enormous.  Music gives creative thoughts and it is a symbolic mode of thoughts and expressions.  Music is educational and
it plays a major part in human development.


   This is a taste of my harmonica music sound.

Nya Kwiawon Taryor

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