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Posted on June 10, 2014

Building Website for those running to be 
Senator in Nimba County, Liberia, West Africa

I Offer the Service of My Company
To Those Who Need It
For the Senatorial Race in
Liberia and in Nimba County
If you have a website, you stand a better chance of
winning an election.  If you do not have a website, you can
still win, but it is going to be difficult.  Voters are frustrated
when they cannot find information about a candidate.  A
website will be available and accessible for people to visit
and see who you are, what you stand for and what
you intend to do for the people.  Without a website,
your information will be scattered all over the place and no
one will get them when they need them. Newspaper is
not enough. Radio will not tell it all because of time.
Flyers and leaflets are too expensive and do not
work very well in campaign like this.
People remember most what they can see daily.

Most people in Nimba do not have computer to go to a website.
Only a few people do.  This is why we are making
your website to be accessed on the cell phone all over 
Nimba County.  Anyone with a cell phone will
access your website.

Many people in Nimba cannot even read and write, but
they have cell phone.  Their children and other people
will help them access your site.  They will see your 
picture and they will learn your name.  Name recognition 
and face recognition are very important in voting.
People vote for you when they know your name and 
recognize your face in picture.   Other people
who can read and write will explain to the illiterate 
population who is running and what that person
wants to do for Nimba County.

As the Senatorial election in Liberia approaches, I want to say publically that I am an equal opportunity website builder.  Whoever approaches me, I will be willing to build a website for his or her campaign.  What I did for Mr. Dokie was a window-dressing  attempt.     

To say it in another way, it was a dress rehearsal.
 Yet, he won the election by a large margin
of 100 votes. [300 votes for Dokie and 200
votes of the opponent]  You can call this a landslide.

The website was very instrumental in making him win. 

Click here for Dokie's site:  Nya Dokie's Campaign Site

The actual play is just around the corner.  Mr. Dokie's site was for a regional playoff commitment.  Now that the playoff is over, 
we are ready for the Super Bowl.  I am willing to build a very special website for whichever campaign teams think they can use the
services of my company.


Just off hand, I charge $1,400.00 (One thousand four hundred dollars). This includes the building of the site, the site management and the promoting of the candidate from the start of the campaign through the end of the election and additional support of the site for one year.
Accept it or reject it.  There are others out there who will do
it for you for $300.00 or $250.00.  If money is your problem,
go to them.  If money is not your problem and you want a
quality site that will be promoted vigorously and
purposefully, and you want to try our services,
you are welcome on board. 

Let me make one point clear.  Website alone does not win an election,
especially a national election.  However, along with our website building
and the vigorious campaign we are ready to do, we have some very unique strategies we will introduce that will insure 
positive results beyond your expectations and beyond your wildest dreams and imagination.
The website
is critically important.  

1. Every one will be going to your site to see what is new.  

2. All your endorsements will be there and all will read.  
The endorsements
are very important because they tell the
public some of the key people,
organizations, institutions,
and important people in the community
who are supporting
you.  Some people want to vote for people 
who have key
people voting for them.

4. Photographs will be posted all over the place and people
will love them.
Photos are very important because they convey
very important
messages that words can not express.

5. Wherever you launch your campaign, the events will be
captured in  
beautiful color pictures and we will
exhibit them on your site. Every town, village or
city you visit to launch your campaign, that event
will be posted in technicolors as well if you want 
videos and moving pictures.

6. Your past accomplishments, your past services to the
and what you have achieved will all be on your
site and people will
come there over and over and read them. People will want to see photos of your family members.  
They will want to know if you
are a family person.

7. What you plan to do for the people will be listed on your site.
Your photo with the villagers working with them,  you
giving them assistance, discussing issues with them in
the palava hut and discussing issues will be very good.
People will love to see you in your campaign T-shirts and
cap. They want to see you amongst the people.

8.   Your platform will be there, and we will be playing your
Theme songs all day long. Platforms are important
but platforms alone cannot win an election.  People want to see your accountability, dependability, and stewardship records,
so people will know that you are an honest person with
high moral standard and integrity. Their endorsements
telling how you have helped them, how they have trusted
you with their money, and depended on you and you have come through for them as a faithful steward--these are very positive images about your credibility and stewardship questions
we will post on your site.

9. Some of your major speeches will be posted on your site
for people to read.

10. Information on how to reach you will be there and what 
you want 
the people to know about your policies, goals,
dreams, aspirations, and commitment to them, will be on
your site.

11. People will go to your site to read announcements and to
see your campaign schedule.  Which village will be be 
speaking in today?  Which town are you distributing food
to the people?  Which City are you giving a public speech
tomorrow?  Which radio station should they listen to
this evening for your speech?  How do we contact you if we
need you--so you post on your website your phone number,
your address, your campaign schedule, your campaign slogan
and many more.  


1. We do not post negative information about the other
candidate on your  site.  Voters do not like negative people.  
We will forget what the other side is doing and we will
concentrate on your positive image and  promote your achievements.  We will not put any information on
your site that trys to attack the other candidate.  
You loose an election easily that way. The people already
know the other candidate, you do not have to underline
the obvious.

2. Never use the word Propaganda as a position for anyone on
your  campaign staff. Propaganda is a bad and dirty word.
Never employ negative people on your campaign staff because
 they will be responsible for making you to loose your
election because they will create too many enemies for your compaign.  Those sitting on the fence who have not 
and want to vote for you will not do so because they will be disgusted by the negative campaign and attacks on  other
people from your campaign team.  Expell negative people
from your campaign team. God does not like ugly and people 
generally do not like ugly.

3. There are big mouth people who cannot do anything  positive
to help your team, all they do is criticize other people and
bad mouth them.  You do not want those kinds of people
because they will destroy your campaign.  They are 
unproductive people who do not know better and they
cannot do better to help your team. They are not innovative
and have no new ideas to help your campaign.  Take them
off your list. If not, you will waste a lot of money on your
campaign and at the end, you will have nothing to show
for your time, money and hard work. That will be your
burden and not their burden. They will walk away with no
remorse after you have lost the election, knowing very well
that they were responsible for your defeat because of their
attitude and ineffectiveness in promoting you. 

This time, around, there are several strategies that we will employ in our
effort to help our customer(s) bid for power.  As you already know, I will
be on your campaign trail from start to finish.  I am presently working
with many of the search engines, Google, Yahoo! MSN, Bing, Aol and the
social media such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and many more to help
my customer beam or transmit the site to every village in Africa.  I am also making contact with some telephone companies to be able to transmit
our sites to every phone in Liberia and its surrounding countries.  The deals
are in the pipe line.  Therefore, this campaign will be a Super Bowl campaign.  We will do our best, our very best to reach all our village people and towns people in Liberia who have telephone to access our site. Big problems need
big solutions.  Those who are willing to put their money where their mouth
is, we will go all the way for them and with them.  Money talks and BS walks. You have not seen anything yet.  The campaign starts in August.  At such
time we will be ready for a show down.  Right now, we are working behind
 closed doors.

I am saying all this before someone may say that we caught them by surprise.  

We will not accept any more than two sites for this particular campaign from Nimba County.  We have a contract for one candidate already.  We have
room for one more candidate.  After that, our offer will be closed.  We will
like to do website for everyone, but we cannot do website for everyone
because of time and resources.  We cannot commit where we cannot
 provide or deliver the service.  When we promise, we want to be able to
deliver. We will not write dissertations and/or promises that we are not
able to fulfill. We cannot promise to give you the world  when we cannot give you even a single village.  What we promise, we make sure that we can
deliver them. 

We are already into constructing a site for one candidate.  We will not fool anyone, this campaign will be hard and rough, but when we stand behind a candidate, we follow through to the very end.  Therefore, in a public
manner, we offer our services to anyone who needs us.

Nya Kwiawon Taryor, 
CEO Kiiton Press, Founder and President

Two samples of the websites we build.  
You are on one of the websites now.  We built this site you are on.

Click on this website:

Nya Dokie's Campaign Website--Running to be UNICCO National President

 Gbehlay Development Association (GDA)

The Computer we use to build your website

Building your website is one of our four areas of ope
rations or one of the services we provide.  Website has become a very important part of today's business.  People build website for many reasons.  Some build website to promote their business, church, organizations, associations or club.  Others build website to raise money or to simply tell the public who they are and what is the nature of their business. Website is a very important marketing tool for business. Someone has referred to website as the "foundation for everything that's done in business."  Whatever your reason is for wanting to build a website, we can help you build your website.  
Not only businesses need website, all Senators and Representatives, including 
City Mayors and Governors have their website also. This makes it easier for their
constituents to follow up on what their government officials are doing for them;
and for the government officials to tell their people what they are doing for their 
people they serve.  Here are two examples.  Jack Reed , US Senator of Rhode Island or click here: Senator Jack Reed Still another example: Senator Sheldon Whitehouse US Senator for Rhode Island. Click here: Sheldon Whitehouse. Nimba County Senators, Representatives, City Mayors, and Superintendents can do the same. They can have websites to share with their people what they are doing for their people. The Apple Computer you see at the top of this page is the computer we use to design your website. It is the most up the line computer that Apple has built thus far. It is OS X version 10.8.4, Processor 3.06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo. Memory is 16 GB 1067 MHz DDR3 27 inch. Our hard drive storage space is also enormous. 2TB.

        What do we have in mind
when we build your website?

When building your website, we think of easy accessibility to your site.  We think of simplicity, professionalism and giving your site a beautiful look.  In terms of accessibility, we use the process called SEO, which means [search engine optimization] as well as another process called SEM which stands for [Search engine marketing]. These two work together but they have different functions. These processes optimize the web pages, photographs, social media profiles, videos and blogs.  Search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Bing, Aol or the social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are part of our system connections that help with easy accessibility and connectivity. We put in certain key words that the search engine collects so that whenever anyone writes those words, your site becomes an organic listing or organic search. By so doing, your site is optimized and easily accessible to the public around the whole world.  Every word on every page of your website will be collected by the search engine so that whosoever is searching your page types any of those words, the computer will quickly match your words with what it already has in the database and your site will come up immediately from anywhere in the world.

Do You Want Music on Your Pages?

Having music on your pages is a decision that is made by the owner of the website.   We do not put any music on a page unless it is the decision of the owner of the site.  There are those who think that a soft music in the background of a site makes it inviting and soothing to the ear.  So they prefer to add music on their site. We do not decide the kind of music to be added to any page, the owner
chooses the kind of music.

There are those who say that music on a site is a distraction.  They do not want any music on any of their pages.  They say that a silent page helps the reader concentrates on what he or she is reading. In fact, Most websites have no music  
at all. We will prefer not to have any music on any of your sites.  It does not cost any more to add music on a page than not to have music on a page.  Its all the same price. We have music on our pages because we love music and we
enjoy the different music.  The owner of the site decides whether to have or 

 not to have music.  We do not make that decision. We prefer the silent pages.

A quick Solution to the Music Situation if you want to shut down the music.

Let us say, you turn to one of our websites that the owner has suggested we
add music to his/her site.  While visiting, he/she shows you his/her site
and you are not interested in hearing the music.  All you do is lower the volume partially or you lower it completely.  

But let us say you do not know where the volume control or adjusting
setting to the computer is, but you want to just shut down the entire music.
This is how you shut it  down.
At the bottom left or right of the page you are on,           
                                                                             ⬇ TO OPEN, 
you will see a little tube like this one.
   To Close, Click in 
Square on the right where the arrow is pointed.                   ⬆TO CLOSE
To stop music click on the square in the black area where the arrow is pointed.
The music will stop and you will enjoy your reading. When you are done and
want to leave the page, just leave the page. The next time you or someone else
comes back to that page, the music will automatically start playing again because
it is looped to play continuously.

Yet, there are those who feel that music on the site is good, but music should not be on every site.  So they choose specific sites or pages for music and specific
sites for no music.  Whatever your choice is, we are here to design your site the 
way you want it.  An example is our site.  We do not have music on every page.   Our Library we call Gban Electronic Library does not have music.  It is intended
to be a quiet room for reading. It has no music.   Click here:  Gban Electronic Library.

A Proposal on the Political Table
For Nimba County,
West Africa

The Addendum or footnote I want to add to the proposal below is:

I have a deep feeling that anyone who takes the leap of faith and is willing
to construct a website, will be suprise how much support he or she will get from both Nimbaians at home and abroad.  I am sure when any government official decides that this is the best way to go, there will be enormous support, including financial support, from all corners to help such individual to succeed.  Our people say, "you never try, you never know."   This is a challenge to all our government officials who want to leave a legacy of substance and value about his or her term in governmental
service. This will be a remarkable landmark or hallmark.  Others will like to do the same.  Do not focus on the messinger, focus on the
message.  Read again the benefits to be derived from this by the politicians as well as by the people you have come to serve.  This is the way the 21st century politics works. A WEBSITE is the sine qua non of politics, businesses, organizations,and  institutions such as schools, churches and associations around the world.  Don't be left behind. The is where
hard political facts go, and
not on the listserv.

Nya Kwiawon Taryor

That a Website is a necessity in every campaign

We are not speaking to you from theory.  This is a proven fact.  In the past UNICCO (United Nimba Citizens' Council) National Election, we used Mr. Abbaccus Nyan Dokie's campaign as our laboratory or our testing ground to test our theory that a Website is a neccessity in every campaign.

We wanted to test the effectiveness of the use of website in a Campaign against an opponent that did not use a website in his campaign.  What we discovered was the fact that Mr. Nyan Dokie's information were easily accessible to the voters once they knew how to get to his website.  Whereas, his opponent has to post the same information over and over again on a listserv for people to remember it.  At times, it was difficult for the voters to find such information once they have read it on the listserv.

We also discovered that the Website permitted the voters to see every day the photographs of all those who attended his events such as fundraising programs, campaign launching programs and even some of his out of state visitations to celebrate with some long time members of UNICCO who were celebrating the time of their lives together in Providence Rhode Island.

The Website can be used by the candidate as a Bulletin Board for posting announcements and events for his followers to check every day.

The candidate can also use the Website as a place to post his campaign schedule where he will be on certain days or weeks giving speeches or launching his campaign.

The candidate can use the Website to post the pictures of himself and his family members so that voters will see how his or her family members look like.

The candidate can use the Website to introduce himself or herself to the constituent he or she will be serving.  From the website, the candidate and the voters can interface--with the candidate's street address, email address, telephone numbers and contact information, the voters can keep in constant touch with the candidate.  

The website for Mr. Dokie proved our theory right that a Website is needed in every campaign.  Mr. Dokie won the election by a landslide--300 to 200 votes--100 more votes than his opposition.  The Website played a major role in this victory.

A Proposal on the Political Table
For Nimba County, Liberia
West Africa

That is:

It is very Important that

All Nimba County Government Officials have individual Websites:

Benefits to the Politician:

This offers an opportunity for the political leader to showcase his or her achievements while in office.  All the developmental activities they have proposed to the Senate, or the House of Representatives or all that the politician did while serving as County Superintendent can be posted on the site for the constituents to read and see what that government official has done or is doing while in office.

If the government official is just coming into office, this will be the place to tell the community what he or she intends to do while in office.  All their promises and performances will be documented on their sites.

The site will be the place where government officials who are running for re-election or election can put their platforms for all to see.  This is the site that the politician will use for all his or her announcements to his or her constituency.  This is the place where the qualifications of the government officials will be clearly spelled out for all to see.

The site will generate more support for any progressive politician that is doing his or her best for the people.

The site will provide important information including the address of the politician, the telephone numbers to be contacted, the exact districts or constituencies that are being served.  The site will provide information on what kind of help this politician wants from his or her people in order to get better services.

This is the site that announcements of new projects just started or projects just completed will be posted for all to see and support. Financial reports and money needed to support projects will be on the site as well.

Benefits to the Public

With this arrangement where each of the government officials has his or her own individual websites, the citizens will be able to go to those sites and study carefully what their elected or appointed political leaders are doing for their people.  This is the beginning of Transparency and overt operations where everyone will see, read, and know what is truly happening in their regions—An opened-book administration.   

With sites that are informative and clear about what the government official is doing, the citizens will be able to determine whether to support, or not to support the particular politician.   This is what I call an open-book administration. The sources of the government official’s own records. The public will not have to be asking, who is this person, what are his or her qualifications, and what has this person done for us?  All the answers will be right there on the site.

The public will have the opportunity to suggest their ideas and exchange of information for development and for the good of the county.  The citizens will have an opportunity to dialogue with the government official about what is good for the town, village, district and the county as a whole.

From the site, citizens of the region will be able to get the phone numbers, addresses, and contact information about their political leader, and make suggestions for improvement.  Here, they are not left in the darkness about the performance or the identity of their leader.

This is where the line is drawn in the sand between the men and the boys and between the women and the 
girls in politics.  

By having a website where
a politician can showcase his or her
accomplishments and be opened to
his or her constituents--this shows
political maturity.  This is where you
separate the well seasoned politicians from the tenderfoot politicians, or the
"want to be politicians." There is where achievements or accomplishments are measured. There is where transparency is determined.  There is where issues are clarified and positions are defined. The website becomes a billboard for the politician's announcements.  The website becomes the  place for proclamation, notification, reporting, publishing, and broadcasting vital information to the community. The website becomes the Politician's Bulletin board for messages to his or her people.

In the 21st century, it is inconceiveable for a Senator, or a Representative or even a Superintendent of a county to go without a website.  To be without a website is to be backward and behind time and behind the present reality and civilization.

A responsible, well-meaning and innovative public servant should never
go without a website. 

Please go to the Addendum

Notes: I want to emphasize here that I do not care who builds the website for each government official. What is important is that each government official gets a website where his or her constituents can visit occasionally for information.  Just in case some of the officials do not know who to turn to for building their website, they can turn to me as an option.  My business, like all other website building business, is not free of charge.  There is a small fee for building your site.  But as a Nimba man, my costs are very reasonable.     

              Nya Kwiawon Taryor    





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