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New England Region-GUMMS

Our Next regular meeting will be on August 12, 2017
at the home of Miss Ivy Miller at 5:00 PM
Ivy Miller
29 Huldah St.
Providence, RI. 02909

email:  millerivy458@gmail

August 12, 2017 at Ivy’s house 


1.    Devotion-------------------------------------   The Chaplain

2.    Reading of the last meeting’s minutes including the emergency meeting’s minutes.-------------------------------------    The Recording Secretary

3.    Introduction of the Little Green Book------  The Regional Coordinator

3.    A Report from the Convention--------------- Those who attended the convention

4.    Donation to Rebecca Miller for Funeral expenses----  Treasurer conducting

5.    A plan for a scheduled budget workshop and Program Planning workshop

6.    Election of a Board Member to GUMMSAA Board

         Election Conducted by Mr. Sam Wogbeh, Election Commissioner


7.    New Business

8.    Photo Ops.  (We will be taking individual photographs to keep in our file for future use in the Little Green Book.) So please come prepare to take a head picture.         Photographer:   The Regional Coordinator


8.    Motion for Adjournment

9.    Prayer       The Chaplain


Please take note of this.  
Whenever we Call for a Tele-Conference
This is the number we will use.

(605) 475-4120
Our Access Code is 9452031


This is our Region's Report sent to the
Florida Convention of August 4-6, 2017

New England Region’s Annual Report of  2016-2017 Presented at GUMMSAA Annual Convention in Florida

We the officers and members of the New England Region of GUMMSAA wish to express our profound and sincere gratitude to Mrs. Annie Saye Sahn and her leadership team for the hard work they have done during the past year. In spite of the vicissitude and challenges, they persevered and were able to sustain the organization with whatever meager resources available to them. For a short while, the organization seemed to be declining—shrinking membership, fewer meetings, low financial intake, and fickleness of members. Nevertheless, patience and tenacity prevailed.  We thank them for their efforts.

An organization in Transformation, A Paradigm Shift.

In May 2017, a meeting was held and I (Nya Kwiawon Taryor) was elected to head the local or regional chapter. With the consent of members, we embarked on revitalizing the organization.  We decided to initiate a few ideas that can be implemented, measured, and evaluated if we have achieved our goals and mission.

1.   Improved our communication and encouraged interpersonal relationship amongst members.

2. Built a website blog where all our announcements, meeting agendas, meeting schedules and dates, and who is to host each meeting.  This is for 2 years. Please click here:

3. Posted the Birthdays and Anniversaries of members so that they can call one another on their birthdays and anniversaries.  Members’ telephone numbers, and addresses were all posted on the Internet.

4. We sent gifts and cards to our High School graduates. —The daughters of two of our members.

5. Raffle tickets were prepared for sale.  Members bought them as their donation to the organization without expecting any prize from drawing.

6. Because of our financial situation, we are not presenting a queen at the conference this year.

7. In our region, we emphasize the importance of Devotion or a Meditation at the beginning of every meeting, comprising of prayers, scriptural reading, singing of hymns and traditional campfire songs we learned at Ganta Mission School. Our song book is the (Adventures In Song). The chaplain usually includes a very brief homily.

8. At every meeting, we plan a potluck where everyone pitches in some finger food so that the responsibility of the meal is not put on the host alone.

9. We encourage the importance of record keeping for our Chapter.

The New England Region is in transition, and members are excited to pick up the pieces and move on after the Florida Convention. There is a transformation and a paradigm shift-taking place here.  We are grateful to God for the new covenant between us made.  In addition to our traditional fundraising programs, we want to write grant proposals to Local United Methodist Churches and other institutions for future fundraising projects by the Region.  Of course, this project depends on the reactivation of our Tax Exempt status, the 501 (c ) 3.

Membership.  There are 14 members currently in the New England Region.  Dr. Nya Kwiawon Taryor, Sr., Regional Coordinator and member of the Board of Directors;  Ms. Ellen Kau Miller, Project Coordinator and Representative to the Board of Directors;  Mr. Gabriel Wehjila, Constitution Committee Chairperson;  Ms. Rita Madave, Recording Secretary; Mrs. Annie Saye-Sahn, Social and Cultural Committee Chair;  Mrs. Victoria Biah, Chaplain;  Mrs. Uluma Sharpe, Planning Committee Chairperson;  Mrs. Rebecca Cassell, Crisis Committee Chairperson;  Ms. Ivy Miller, Treasurer;  Miss Regina Wehjla, Assistant Chaplain;  Mr. Samuel Wogbeh, Election Commissioner Chairman; Mr. Amos Woloba, Membership Chairperson; Esther Kartwe Brown; and Morris Cheaye. Some of these members are not active, but we are making all efforts to bring them in the fold.

Submitted by

Dr.  Nya Kwiawon Taryor, Sr.

Regional Coordinator,

New England Region


Agenda for our Meeting of July 22, 2017

New England Region Meeting

July 22, 2017

Meeting at 190 Windmill St.

Providence, Rhode Island  02904


1.  Devotion

2.  Reading of the minutes of the last meeting by Ms. Rita Madave

3.  Agenda opened for discussion and adoption or approval for inclusion in our archive.
[Are there new businesses to be included on the agenda?]

4.    Report from our raffle ticket sales

5.    Discussion on forthcoming GUMMSAA Annual Convention in Florida, 

        (a)  Do we have a queen or not?

        (b)  Who is going, who is not going?

        (c)  What amount or how much do we carry as our apportionment?

6.    Our report may be late now, but we will have some report of some sort to be presented at the Convention.  It is exceedingly crucial that we all bring in our head pictures (passport size or 5X7 or 2X6) to be 

        sent for the program booklet.

7.   New Business

8.  Closing Prayer and adjournment 

We will still have our meeting on the 8th of July but it will not be for the awarding of the prizes from the Raffle Tickets.  We have not sold enough tickets.  If you do not have tickets to sell, please contact
Dr. Taryor
(401) 545-9073
or Miss Ivy Miller (401) 743-7683

We plan to have
two meetings in July.

July 8 and July 24.  
Venues will be announced later.

 Reunion in Philadelphia in 2006

Site created May 29, 2017
GUMMSAA New England Region

    Hymn of Gratitude

 For more information about this Hymn of gratitude, please click here:
    Why was this hymn of Gratitude written and to whom and for whom was it written?

        Click here if you love Alumni Association Meetings

Hartzel School Building

Below are some of the members of our New England Region -- GUMMSAA.

Mr. Gabriel Wehjla
Constitution Committee Chairperson

  Miss Rita Madave,
Recording Secretary

Miss Victoria Biah

Mrs. Rebacca Cassell
Crisis Committee Chairperson

Miss Wehjla

Mr. Samuel Wogbeh
Election Commissioner Chairman

Miller McAliser United Methodist Church


Dr. Nya Kwiawon Taryor, 
Local/Regional Coordinator

Miss Ellen Kau Miller
Special Project Coordinator
Representative to the Board of Directors

     Annie's photo is forthcoming

Mrs. Annie Saye-Sahn
Social and Cultural Committee Chair

Mrs. Uluma Sharpe
Planning Committee Chairperson

Miss Ivy Miller

Mr. Amos Wolobeh
Membership Chairperson

Contact Information

Please communicate with us from here.  If you have some new ideas, or suggestions or proposals or any concerns you want to bring to our attention, or any views you wish to share with us, please use the space here to communicate with us. We will respond to your message in about 24 hours. 401-545-9073

First Name:
Last Name:
Address Street 1:
Address Street 2:
Zip Code: (5 digits)
Daytime Phone:
Evening Phone:


WE Study, We Reflect, We Fellowship

And we Worship.


       We go out leading and blazing the rugged way,

          Making the crooked places straight and taking light to

dark places;

         Proclaiming, Healing and Teaching as we Labor for All Humanity-

      This is the Harleys’ Tradition


       The Ganta United Methodist Mission School Alumni Association

is for all former students, graduates, teachers and

Persons-in-Mission who served the institution

at some point.

One of the major purposes of the Association

 is to assemble every year to fellowship,

celebrate, reflect and find ways and means of

providing financial, material, and moral

support for the up-keep of the Ganta United Methodist 

Mission School and all other institutions

 related to the Ganta United Methodist Mission community

—the school, girls’ hostel,

 boys’ dorms, hospital, workshops, agricultural

programs, church and other Mission works
located on the Mission Station.

We want to make sure that the dreams and works
of Dr. George WAY Harley and Winifred Jewell Harley,
the founders of Ganta Mission, live on--to make a
"WAY" for those who are less fortunate - to
make a WAY where there seems to be no WAY--
We therefore see this as an opportunity to find
the WAYS and MEANS to support our 

The epitaph on the bronze plate close to the

cornerstone of the church Dr. George W. Harley

built in Ganta, Miller McAllister United Methodist Church,

where his ashes are buried, these words are written:

GEORGE WAY HARLEY, 1894 – 1966



We invite and welcome past and present missionaries,

persons -in-mission, and all well-wishers to journey with

us as we endeavor to commit our time, money, and

other resources to the work of Ganta United Methodist

Mission in expanding the "HARLEYS' TRADITION."  


Birthdays of the

New England Members of GUMMSAA

1. Rita Madave,                 February 26,  401-808-2275
2. Ellen Miller  May 8 401-559-0943
3. Nettie Wogbeh  September 4 401-728-0185 (h)
4. Sam Wogbeh  October 29 401-728-0185 (h)
401-419-4851 (c)
5. Victoria Biah   November 9                 401-654-3731
6.  Solomon T. Biah    November 9             
7.   Rebecca Cassell   November 30            401-383-5136 (h)
 401-479-6456 (c)
8. Ivy Miller    December 12   401-743-7683
                Email:  millerivy458@gmail
9. Nya Kwiawon Taryor      December 26               401 432-7102 (h)
  401-545-9073 (c)
10. Gabriel Wehjla                                                         401-632-5040
11. Amos Wolobeh                      774-578-9008

I just heard from Annie.  She cannot host the meeting for June 24th.  
The Meeting is cancelled for now until we can make a new arrangement. 
June 18/17


We are selling Raffle Tickets to raise money to help renovate SCHOOL buildings on Ganta Mission School. 

JULY 8, 2017

190 Windmill St.
Providence, R.I

You do not have
 to be present in order to win.

First Prize
A Laptop Computer

Second Prize
Air Fryer

Third Prize
$100 Cash

Fourth Prize
19 inch TV

July 8, 2017


During the get together at Ellen Miller's house on July 8th, all those who have been serving in leadership positions in the local group will be appreciated and honored.

Please come and join us honor our leaders.

About two of our girls that graduated from High School this June, please visit this site:  
Click here

Graduation and Honoring

Denise Wolobah
One of the two graduates

Here is our Meeting Schedule

for the rest of the year, 2017

Individuals hosting meetings please
tell us the date you plan to have the meeting.


Please be on Time


A Note about Courtesy

In most instances, the hosts may take upon
themselves to responsibilities to serve refreshment
after or before the meeting but that is not required
 of the hosts.  Serving meal at meetings is simply
done with good will courtesy, hospitality and generosity
but that is not required.

However, other members who feel the need to
reciprocate the kindness may bring drinks or finger
food to pitch in.  We love to have a potluck whenever
 we have a meeting when everyone brings some ditch
or drink so that we can all enjoy ourselves.  Finger
food will be appreciated.  And no special
requirements or demand for what is served or what
is or is not on the menu.



"People fail not because
they plan to fail, 

People fail because
they fail to plan." 

We the team players of New England Region don't want to fail, that is why we plan our  schedules far in advance so we will not fail.

Telephone Directory and Addresses


Victoria Biah & Solomon Biah
53 Ophilia St. 
Providence, RI. 02909
(401) 654-3731 

Rebecca Hawa Cassell
165 Lowell Ave. floor #1
Providence, RI. 02909
Home: 401-383-5136

Morris Cheaye
128 Ontario St.
Providence, RI. 02907

Rita Kau Zeekeh Madave
700 Westminister St.
Apt. 912
Providence, RI. 02903
(401) 808-2275

Ellen Miller
190 Windmill St.
Providence, RI. 02904

Ivy Miller
29 Huldah St.
Providence, RI. 02909
email:  millerivy458@gmail

Annie Saye-Sahn
147 Manchester Ave.
Waterbury, CT. 06705

Uluma Sharpe
80 Tobey St.
Providence, RI. 02909


Nya Kwiawon Taryor
339 Union Ave #3
Providence, RI. 02909


Gebriel Wehjla
11 Pine Street
Cranston, RI. 02910

Sam Wogbeh & Nettie Wogbeh
360 Mineral Spring Ave.
Pawtucket, RI. 02860
Home:  401-728-0185
Cell:  401-419-4851

Amos Wolobeh
18 Rustic St.
Worcester, MA 01609



  1. June 24, 2017----------------Annie Saye-Sahn

2. July 8, 2017 -------------------Ellen Kau Miller

       Raffle tickets drawing day and recognition
of all those who have served our organization
Locally.  Please be present

3. August 26, 2017----------------------Ivy Miller

4.    September 2017---------Rebecca Hawa Cassell

5. October 14,  2017------------------Victoria Biah

6. November  2017-----Rita Kau Zeekeh Madave

7. December 9,  2017-------Nya Kwiawon Taryor


Individual Hosting Meetings for 2018

If you did not pick a date to host
a meeting in 2017
Please choose a date below for
2018 and call me so
I can post it on our calendar
for 2018
Nya Taryor (401) 545-9073
  1. January         2018 -----------                                          
  2. February       2018 -----------                                         
  3. March            2018-----------                                          
  4. April              2018 ----------                                          
  5. May               2018  ---------                                        
  6. June              2018 ----------                                         
  7. July               2018 ----------                                         
  8. August           2018-----------                                          
  9. September     2018-----------                                         
  10. October         2018 ---------                                        
  11. November 2018----------
  12. December 2018---------Nya Kwiawon Taryor



New England Local Chapter

339 Union Ave. Apt. 3

Providence, RI. 02904

5:00 PM


The meeting of the GUMMSAA  NEW England Chapter was called to order at Dr. Taryor’s apartment on May 13, 2017. The Meeting was conducted by Miss Ellen Miller.  Those present at the meeting were: 

Miss Rita Madave

Miss Ellen Miller

Miss Ivy Miller

Mr. Amos Wolobeh and

Dr. Nya Kwiawon Taryor.

The meeting was opened with a few words of prayer.  Our first item of discussion was the fundraising project.  We agreed to have food sales, Bus trips, hopefully write a grant proposal for funding and sell Raffle Tickets to raise money.  Dr. Taryor was asked to print 500 raffle tickets to be distributed to members at our next meeting on May 27th, 2017 at Ellen’s house.

First prize  -------   A Laptop Computer

Second prize-----    Air Fryer

Third Prize---------  $100 cash

Fourth Prize------   A 19 inch TV

It was agreed that June 8, 2017 should be the Drawing Date and the place of the drawing should be at Ellen’s house, 190 Windmill St.  Providence, Rhode Island.  One does not have to be present in order to win.

As far as the grant proposal writing, we shall consider contacting all the major United Methodist Churches in Rhode Island and send them multiple entries to see which of the churches will respond positively.

Both Ellen and Taryor remarked on the issue that some members have expressed dissatisfaction about the way some members of the organization were treating one another. We as a group pledged to improve the personal relationship between our members.

We discussed the apportionment that each region is expected to pay to the National.  Each region is expected to pay $1,000.00.

Dr. Taryor was elected by acclamation by those present at the meeting.  He suggested that he would like to have a Co-coordinator or a vice coordinator he can work with.  It was suggested that Rebecca Cassell be contacted if she will be interested.  We also decided that our local group should try to get connected with other Liberian Organizations in the city so that we can initiate some collaborative efforts just in case in the future we were staging some programs and we wanted outside support, they will assist us when we need them and we will assist them when they need us.

There was plenty of food and drinks during the meeting.  We had a great time. After the meeting, we had a fellowship hour with a song festival.  We sang from the United Methodist Hymnal and from one of those old 1960 Ganta Mission Campfire songbooks. Adventures in Songs  Taryor promised to duplicate multiple copies so we can use the song book as our Fellowship devotion song book.

The meeting was adjoined

Carefully submitted by

Miss Ivy Miller and Mr. Amos Wolobah

Minutes of Meeting at Ellen's House will be posted here when the Secretary submits the minutes.

Information about 


What is the "Little Green Book"?
The Little Green Book is our Vital
Statistics and Directory. It comprises of
Birthdays of all our local New England
Region Members, their telephone numbers
Wedding Anniversaries dates of those
who are married, the months and days
individuals are hosting meetings
from June 2017 to December 2018.
It also comprises of individual names
and addresses and their telephone
Below are some of the reasons
why we published the Little Green Book.
Every member should have a copy.
the information will be updated every
We Published the Little Green Book
1. So members of GUMMSAA
(Ganta United Methodist Mission School
Alumni Association) will communicate with one
another frequently and regularly.
  1. 2  So members will call one another on their birthdays and anniversary days and extend best wishes and felicitation.
  1. 3.  To encourage consistent attendance.  Please attend all meetings when possible.
  1. 4.  To provide information about the place, time, and date of meetings.  The names of the hosts, home addresses, and telephone numbers are all in this book.  Call for direction if you need to do.  No excuse for not knowing about the place, time, date and location of meetings.
  1. 5.  To inform members to come to meetings with their children and spouses whether they are originally from GUMMS or not.  Our spouses who are not former students of GUMMS are automatically members because we are members.
  1. 6.  To encourage members to invite others who have not attended meetings.  Car Pool if you need to do so.  Bring family members, and friends.
  1. 7.  So you will know who the officers of the organization are.
  1. 8.  So that we will know one other and fellowship with one another better.  We must: communicate, communicate, and communicate always.


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