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          The name of the Anthem:     "Song of Niger" "La Nigérienne"



Per capita income

 Niger      1961  
                (The year the anthem was adopted)  

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          QUIZ QUESTIONS                    

1.   When did Niger get her independence? Who was the first Leader of the Independent Niger?

Niger is a landlocked country like the few we have studied.
This means that it does not have an outlet to the ocean 
or sea.  It is surrounded by several countries.  Nigeria
Benin, Burkina Faso, Mali, Algeria, Libya and Chad.  In addition,
Niger is also borded between the Sahara and Sub-Saharan
regions. This means, this is a very DRY land, plagued with
constant drought.  Niger is just a little less than the size of
the state of Texas-USA. Because of the drought, there is
constant famine in the land.  Some of the Nomads take 
their cattle to Nigeria to graze there.  There are some good
years and there are some bad years. Some years, the rain
is plentiful (2001) and other years, there is very little rain
(2000) and the land dries up and harvest is poor. They 
depend on the Kandadji Dam on the Niger River for their
irrigation, hopefully beginning in 2034.  Agriculture is basically
subsistence.  Agriculture and livestock are carried out by
only 18 percent of the population.  Most of the agriculture
takes place in the Sahel region because in that region, there
are about 12 to 24 inches of rain yearly average. In terms of
mineral resources, Niger is rich in phosphates, coal, iron,
limestone, and gypsum, uranium, gold and oil.  

My question is, in light of the richness of the country in
these mineral resources and yet poverty seems prevalent
in the nation.  The government has started what they call
"Poverty Reduction Strategy Plan."
With mounting corruption which they are also trying to
reduce, what could be your recommendations for
the government of Niger in reducing corruption and poverty?
Can you draw up a 10-point Recommendations for Niger
on how to speed up their development and reduce poverty,
and corruption?

3 Over half of the population of the people of Niger are Hausa
people.  This ethnic group can be found in Northern Nigeria.
The Zarma-Songhai also inhabit Niger and Mali.  We are told
that two of these groups along with the Gourmantche are
sedentary farmers in Niger. This means that they are not
like the Hausa people who are mostly nomads always on the
move carrying their cattle here and there looking for grazing
land.  These two ethnic groups are pretty well settled down with
very little movement from place to place.  Who are the
other ethnic peoples?  

a. Fulani
b. Tuareg
c. Kanuri
d. Arabs
e. Toubou
f. All the above
g. None of the above
h. Some of the above

4 The traditional home of the Nigerien is the Zinder.
a. TRUE?
b. FALSE?      

5. Like Liberia--Liberia is a mixture of several cultures
brought together to form a country.  The French Colonial
power brought together several cultures to form what we
know as Niger.  These cultures that were almagamated
in the 20th century are from 4 distinct areas in precolonial
a. the Zarma
b. the Hausaland
c. the Sokoto Caliphate
d. the Kanuri farmers and Toubou pastoralists
   who were part of the Kanem-Bornu Empire.
e. all the above
f. none of the above
g. some of the above

6. We are told that the literacy rate of Niger is among the
lowest in the world. What are the percentages?
a. male ____%
b. female  ____%
c. National--or nationwide  

 7. What is the capital city of Niger? 8. What is the population of Niger? 9. For administrative purposes, Niger is divided into 8 Regions: 1. Agadez Region 2. Diffa Region 3. Dosso Region 4. Maradi Region 5. Tilabéri Region 6. Tahoua Region 7. Zinder Region 8. Niamey Region Which of these Regions is the Capital city of the country?         10.    What is the political structure of this country?          11.    Which Religion do most of the people of Niger adhere to? a.     African Traditional Religions? b. Christianity c. Islam d. Hinduism e. Buddhism f. Judaism




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Complete National-Anthems-World-Edition-2013
Slovak State Philharmonic Orchestra Kosice
Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra

          National anthems of the world Nationalhymnen der Welt. Free download

  The World Atlas

Listen to the   
National Anthems of All 

            African Countries

Every day a different African country's national     Anthem will play the entire day on this page.   This gives us an opportunity to listen to all the
National Anthems of each country in Africa.   There are 53 countries in Africa.  Some have
said that Liberia has one of the best Anthems
in the world.  Now we can listen to all the 
National Anthems of Africa and compare ours
with theirs.

The other reason for this exercise
is to provide our people the opportunity to
listen to, and to learn about other African
countries, see their flags, hear their National
Anthems, and enjoy the very beautiful music
we call, a country's National Anthem. Much
of our information comes from 

Please take note of the dates each

country's Anthem is played.  We begin with
South Africa on the 5th of August and end with
São Tomé and Principe on September 24, 2013.
If you want to know more about any of the
African countries, just click on the name of 
the particular country below on the left in blue among the list of 53 countries and you will have the information right there at your finger tip.


One interesting factor about the listing of the 
African countries in the order in which they are
listed.  They are listed with the country with the
highest per capital income above and the lowest
per capital income at the bottom of the list. Liberia
is 6 up from the bottom.   Total number of countries
is 53.



SOURCES: Courtesy of

“Canada »” Accessed August 5, 2013) . Google

Wikipedia Complete National-Anthems-World-Edition-2013 Slovak State Philharmonic Orchestra Kosice
Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra  National anthems of the world Nationalhymnen der Welt. Free download
The World Atlas


French lyrics English translation
Auprès du grand Niger puissant
Qui rend la nature plus belle,
Soyons fiers et reconnaissants
De notre liberté nouvelle !
Evitons les vaines querelles
Afin d'épargner notre sang,
Et que les glorieux accents
De notre race soit sans tutelle !
S'élève dans un même élan
Jusqu'à ce ciel éblouissant,
Où veille son âme éternelle
Qui fera le pays plus grand !
Debout ! Niger ! Debout !
Que notre œuvre féconde
Rajeunisse le cœur de ce vieux continent !
Et que ce chant s'entende
Aux quatre coins du monde
Comme le cri d'un peuple équitable et vaillant!
Debout ! Niger ! Debout!
Sur le sol et sur l'onde,
Au son des tam-tams
Dans leur rythme grandissant,
Restons unis toujours,
Et que chacun réponde
A ce noble avenir
Qui nous dit: - En avant !
Throughout great powerful Niger
Which makes nature more beautiful,
Let us be proud and grateful
For our newfound freedom!
Let us avoid vain quarrels
In order to spare ourselves bloodshed,
And may the glorious voices
Of our race be free of domination!
Let us rise in a single leap
As high as the dazzling sky,
Where stands guard its eternal soul
Which will make the country greater!
Arise! Niger! Arise!
May our fruitful labors
Rejuvenate the heart of this old continent!
And may the song be heard
In the four corners of the Earth
As the cry of a fair and valiant people!
Arise! Niger! Arise!
On the ground and on the wave,
To the sound of the drums
In their growing rhythms
Let us always remain united,
And may each one respond
To this noble future
Which tells us: - Go forward!









 South Africa---                                                       August  5



 Nigeria                                                                   August  6



 Egypt                                                                    August  7



 Algeria                                                                  August  8



 Angola                                                                   August  9



 Morocco                                                                 August  10



 Sudan                                                                    August  11



 Tunisia                                                                   August  12



 Ghana                                                                  August  13



 Libya                                                                    August  14



      August  15



      August  16



      August  17



       Ivory Coast                                                        
        August  18



 Tanzania                                                                 August  19



 Equatorial Guinea                                                  August  20



      August  21



      August  22



      August  23



      August  24



 Democratic Republic of the Congo                          August  25



 Republic of the Congo                                            August  26



 Senegal                                                                August  27



 Mozambique                                                          August  28



 Namibia                                                                August  29



      August  30



      August  31



       September   1



 Burkina Faso                                       
      September   1



      September   2



      September   3



      September   4



      September   5



      September   6



      September   7



 Guinea                                                                    September   8



      September   9



       September   10



       September   11



      September   12



 Lesotho                                                                  September   13



      September   14



 Sierra Leone                                     
      September   15



 Central African Republic                                        September   16



 Cape Verde                                       
       September   17



 Djibouti                                                                   September   18



      September   19



      September   20



 The Gambia                                      
      September   21



      September   22



      September   23



 São Tomé and Príncipe                                          September   24


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