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The name of the Anthem: "Seychelles Our Only Motherland"

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Per capita income  Seychelles 1996 (The year the anthem was adopted)  

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         Quiz Questions 

1. Describe the economic conditions of Seychelles.  Since
independence in 1976 what has happened to the per
Capita of this country?  Has it decreased or increased?
What has been the main source for its growth?  Tourism 
or Agriculture?

2. Seychelles is divided into 25 administrative regions. Eight of the districts are known as the Capital of Seychelles. These are the 8 districts that make up the capital city called GREATER VICTORIA. 1. Bel Air 2. La Rivière Anglaise (English River) 3. Les Mamelles 4. Mont Buxton 5. Mont Fleuri 6. Plaisance 7. Roche Caiman 8. Saint Louis Can you name the 14 other districts that are considered the rural part of the main island of Mahé? The are called Rural Mahé. The other two districts are the Praslin and the La Digue and remaining Inner Islands. ____________ 3. At some point, we discussed the social and family structures of one of the countries. Most countries practice patrilineal kinship, but here in Seychelles, they practice Matrilineal kinship where kinship is based on the mother or the female line. In this system, the mother is the dominant person in the household. She controls everything and she gives the commands. Most of the women are not married, and that is the social norm. However, men are expected to support their children. Men do not play any significant domestic roles. They are important insofar as their capacity to earn money; but women are expected to play significant domestic roles instead of men. The support for families as practiced here in Seychelles, resembles somewhat the system we have in Liberia. In Seychelles, older women depend on their children or other members of the family to contribute to their support and welfare. Liberians living in the USA wire or send money to their relatives in Liberia frequently to support their families that are living in Liberia. This is a domestic/family social welfare system also practiced amongst people in Seychelles. In this Seychelles matriarchal society, women have central roles of political leadership, moral authority and control of property. Other names that are used for this kind of kinship systems are called: gynarchy, a gynocracy, a gynecocracy or a gynocentric society. As indicated earlier, there are also matrilinear, matrilocal, and avunculocal societies here and elsewhere. In a matrilocal situation, it is like a visiting marriage. The husband and wife do not live together, they live apart in separate families, seeing each other in their spare time. The children are taken care of by the Mother's extended matrilineal clan. An avunculocal society is one in which a married couple traditionally lives with the man's mother's eldest brother. In most cases, this occurs in matrilineal societies. My question is, do you prefer a patrilineal system of kinship or you prefer the matrilineal system of kinship? What are the reasons for your choice? _______________ 4. Seychelles at some point, was uninhabited. At such point, there were several visitors to the island. Those were the Austronesian, Maldivian and Arab traders. It is believed that the visitation may have been around the 12th century because on Silhouette Island, they have found some remains of Maldivian mariners. Vasco da Gama is said to have visited here also in 1502. Pirates frequented this island and carried out some pirating business around the area when there were trades going on between Asia and Africa. We are told that the French took control of the islands by 1756 and named them in honor of Jean Moreau de Séchelles, Louis XV's Minister of Finance. The British came in and tried to take control of the land also. This was between 1794 and 1810. Eventually, a negotiation was reached whereby the the French and the British could remain on the islands. The French offerred privileged positions and elitist status to the British settlers. Question: In almost all colonial situations, with this exception of Seychelles, when two colonizing nations colonize a country, they usually divide the country and each colonizing country rules a segment of the colonized country. As the case with Cameroon, The Congo, and a few other places we have studied. Why Was France willing to Share administration of Seychelles with the British? _____________ 5. When did Seychelles gain her independence and from which country did she gain her independence? ______________ 6. What  year was the Seychelles National Anthem adopted? 
And what is the Name of the National Anthem?  Who composed it?
Lyrics by_________________________Music by_______________________
Since when did they start using the Anthem?  19____?  
a. 1965     
b. 1966     
c. 1960     
d. 1996     
e.  2005     
f. None of the Above
g.    The Name of the National Anthem___________________________

7. What was Seychelles'GDP (Gross Domestic Product) for 2012?
8. The educational system in Seychelles is grown system. Before the 19th century, there were little or no formal education for the people of Seychelles. The Roman Catholics and Anglican Churches, with the help of the brothers and the nuns carried out primary or elementary education. After 1944, the government initiated some education program, but the churches continued their work in education. In 1981, the government announced free education for all the children in Seychelles. Ninty percent of all children attend nursery school at age 4. Today, the literacy rate for school age children is over 90%. They also started adult literacy program that has helped the older citizens to acquire literacy. It is reported that the adult literacy is now over 85%. The public school system has over 23 crèches, or kindergarten schools, 25 elementary schools and 13 secondary schools. These schools are located in the Mahé, Praslin, La Digue and Silhouette districts. Teacher training institutions are also being established here and there, and a university that is in conjunction with the University of London is also in operation. The intent of the government is to established these institutions of higher education to slow down the "brain drain" that is taking place on the islands. My question is: What is a "brain drain?" How much of this "brain drain" is being experienced in Liberia? Why and/or why not? ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ 9.    What is the political structure of Seychelles Since the independence of Seychelles it has had how many political parties?      ________________     1 0. Which Religion do most of the people of Seychelles adhere to and what percentage of the population practices it? a.     African Traditional Religions?_______% b. Christianity--Which Brand of Christianity?_________% 1. Roman Catholic__________% 2. Protestant___________% 3. Eastern Orthodox________% c. Islam______________% d. Hinduism__________% e. Buddhism__________% f. Judaism____________%. .


Lyrics[edit source | editbeta]

Seychellois Creole lyrics English translation French translation
Sesel ou menm nou sel patri.
Kot nou viv dan larmoni.
Lazwa, lanmour ek lape.
Nou remersye Bondye.
Preserv labote nou pei.
Larises nou losean.
En leritaz byen presye.
Pour boner nou zanfan.
Reste touzour dan linite.
Fer monte nou paviyon.
Ansanm pou tou leternite.
Koste Seselwa!
Seychelles our only motherland
Where we live in harmony
Happiness, love and peace
We give thanks to God.
Preserve the beauty of our country
The riches of our oceans
A precious heritage
For the happiness of our children.
Live forever in unity
Raise our flag
Together for all eternity
Join together all Seychellois.
Seychelles, notre seule patrie
Où nous vivons en harmonie
La joie, l'amour et la paix
Nous remercions le Bon Dieu!
Préservons la beauté de notre pays
La richesse de notre océan
Un héritage très précieux
Pour le bonheur de nos enfants
Restons toujours unis
Élevons notre drapeau
Ensemble pour l'éternité
Unissons-nous Seychellois!

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