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Sierra Leone

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Per capita income 
         The name of the Anthem: "High We Exalt Thee, Realm of the Free" Sierra Leone 1961 (The year the anthem was adopted) The Location of Sierra Leone on the Map of Africa

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                             A SHORT QUIZ
  A BRIEF HISTORY OF SIERRA LEONE 1. Sierra Leone is located on the West Coast of Africa, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, Guinea and Liberia. This country has been inhabited by people for over 2,500 years as archaeological findings from prehistoric pottery from Kamabai has revealed. By the 18th century, the Islamic faith was very visible in Sierra Leone. Portuguese explorer, Pedro de Sintra mapped the area and the French and the Dutch used this area as a trading center for many years around 1495. The British came in 1562 and became a participant of the human trade. One Sir John Hawkins is said to have "shipped 300 enslaved people--acquired 'by the sword and partly by other means' to the new colonies in America." In John Peterson's book (1969), Province of Freedom: A History of Sierra Leone 1787-1870, He writes, "This study is call Province of Freedom not from ignorance of the fact that Granville Sharp's original Province of Freedom lasted only four years, from 1787-1791, but because a succession of freed slaves were able to create their own province of freedom in Sierra Leone during the nineteenth century." He states that "The main theme of the study is that the British who came to rule Sierra Leone after 1791 were unable to do so with consistent and overall effectiveness, particularly in the area of local government and the administration of Justice. The resultant administrative and legal void was filled by the settlers and Liberated Africans who were able to establish effective control of the political, economic, and social dimensions of their society." (page. 13.) Freed slaves who settled in Sierra Leone came from many places including America, Nova Scotia, Jamaica and other places. The Nova Scotian Settlers built Freetown and introduced North American architectural style they have learnd from the South. There were also some Jamaican Maroons from Trelawny Town who came and settled. These returned saves from the new world have come from different parts of Africa, especially from the west cost of Africa and mostly from the regions we have studied that are called "the slave coasts." Some of the settlers in Free Town were Americo-Liberian refugees and some West Indians who created the new ethnicity call the Krio. In colonial times, the division of Sierra Leone into Colony and Protectorate with different political system brought a conflict between the Creole people and the Paramount chiefs. With the help of Sir. Milton Margai, he was able to win over some of his oppositions who joined him to struggle for their country's freedom. In 1960, Sierra Leone got her independence and Sir Milton Magai became the first Prime Minister of Sierra Leone. My question is, given the fact that the History of Liberia seems to parallel with that of Sierra, what would you imagine if the two countries had annexed into one country? Would that have been a better idea or a bad idea? Why and why not? 2. In the area of health, Sierra Leone has initiated a program whereby the government offers Free Health Care to pregnant and lactating women (women who are breast feeding their children) and children under 5 years of age. The United Kingdom is helping with some subsidy in this program. This program is very important for the people of Sierra Leone because that country is said to have one of the highest infant mortality rate in the world. "For every 1,000 live births, 77 children do not survive to their first birthday". Maternal death rates are said to be very high also. Given the success of the Free Health Care Initiative, is it possible to introduce such program in Liberia? In your Proposal to the President of Liberia and to the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, what will you tell them? What are all the points you wish to include in your proposal? _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ 3. Liberians and Sierra Leoners eat basically the same food. Like Liberia, rice is the staple of Sierra Leone. People there eat rice almost every day. Along with rice, they eat cassava, cassava leaves, okra soup, fried fish and groundnuts soup, plantains, mangoes, oranges, pineapple, ginger beer, fried potato, fried cassava with pepper sauces, meat, bread, corn, and a host of other foods. What are some of those other foods eaten by the people of Sierra Leone and Liberian? Name at least 6. a.____________________ b.____________________ c.____________________ d.____________________ e.____________________ f.____________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ 4, Fourah Bay College is one of the Best institutions of higher learning in West Africa. It was founded in 1827, the oldest University in West Africa. It has produced some of the best scholars in the region. Who are some of the alumni you know who have gone on to accomplish great achievements? What are the names of the two other universities in Sierra Leone? Choose one of these 6 answers. 1. University of Makeni and Njala University 2. University of Kabianga and Pwani University 3. Makerere University and Nkumba University 4. University of Venda and Tshwane University of Technology 5. University of Education, Winneba and All Natons Univ. 6. None of the Above
5 What is the capital city of Sierra Leone and which of the 4 Administrative regions
is the capital city in? Can you name the 14 districts? What do you know about the district council? a. Northern Province b. Southern Province c. Eastern Province d. Western Area 6. What  year was the Sierra Leone National Anthem adopted? 
And what is the Name of the National Anthem?  Who composed it?
Lyrics by_________________________Music by_______________________
Since when did they start using the Anthem?  19____?  
a. 1965     
b. 1966     
c. 1962     
d. 1993     
e.  2005     
f. None of the Above
g.    The Name of the National Anthem___________________________

7. What was Sierra Leone's GDP (Gross Domestic Product) for 2012?

8. These are the ethnic groups in Sierra Leone. How many of these groups also belong to neighboring countries? (Liberia and Guinea) While English is the official language of Sierra Leone, Krio is spoken by 90% of the people in the country. Krio is an offshoot of the English language but it also includes a mixture of several indigenous African languages.         Here are the ethnic groups of Sierra Leone 1. Temne 2. Mande 3. Limba 4. Loko 5. Fula 6. Mandingo 7. Creole 8. Sherbro 9. Kjranko 10. Kono 11. Susu 12. Kissi 13. Yalunka 14. Oku 15. Vai 15. Kru How many of these ethnic groups do you recognize as also belonging to the ethnic groups in Liberia? ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ 9.    What is the political structure of Sierra Leone? Since the independence of Sierra Leone, it has had only two political parties. Can you name these two political parties? Which one of these two parties was Sir, Milton Margai, the frist Prime Minister of Sierra Leone, a member of?          1 0. Which Religion do most of the people of Sierra Leone adhere to and what percentage of the population practices it? a.     African Traditional Religions?_______% b. Christianity--Which Brand of Christianity?_________% 1. Roman Catholic__________% 2. Protestant___________% 3. Eastern Orthodox________% c. Islam______________% d. Hinduism__________% e. Buddhism__________% f. Judaism____________%


Sierra Leone National Anthem

High we exalt thee, realm of the free;
Great is the love we have for thee;
Firmly united ever we stand,
Singing thy praise, O native land.
We raise up our hearts and our voices on high,
The hills and the valleys re-echo our cry;
Blessing and peace be ever thine own,
Land that we love, our Sierra Leone. 

2. One with a faith that wisdom inspires,
One with a zeal that never tires;
Ever we seek to honour thy name,
Ours is the labour, thine the fame.
We pray that no harm on thy children may fall,
That blessing and peace may descend on us all;
So may we serve thee ever alone,
Land that we love, our Sierra Leone. 

3. Knowledge and truth our forefathers spread,
Mighty the nations whom they led;
Mighty they made thee, so too may we
Show forth the good that is ever in thee.
We pledge our devotion, our strength and our might,
Thy cause to defend and to stand for thy right;
All that we have be ever thine own,
Land that we love, our Sierra Leone.

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