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Tributes to Mandela

December 11, 2013

National Anthems-South Africa
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Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrica
Courtesy of Peter Klatzow

The Flag of South Africa

The late Nelson Mandela
1918-2013  (95 years old)

Former First Democratically Elected President of South Africa
The Father of South Africa Independence
Presidency: 1994-1999

A great African Hero has fallen.

The World will never be the same. 
We at Kiiton Press express our deepest condolence to his family, to all the people of  South Africa and to the people of Africa for this sad event. Mandela championed the cause of Freedom for mankind everywhere. I hope all freedom fighters the world over will learn from this man. Thank you Nelson Mandela for all you did for  us and for your people. Because of you and because of your struggle for freedom and human liberation, the world is a better place than the world you met. You have left behind a lasting legacy. May your soul rest in  perfect peace. You will live in our hearts forever. The world will never forget you.

Nya Kwiawon Taryor, Publisher and Founder, Kiiton Press


Mandela death:
Daughter Makaziwe tells of final moments.
Click here:  Makaziwe

Mandela's daughter

 Makaziwe has told the BBC

about the "wonderful" final

hours of the former president,

who died aged 95 last Thursday.

Mandela as a Lawyer
before his imprisonment

My Tribute

Comrade President Nelson Mandela is the spiritual father of the African liberation struggle and human rights activists the world over. In Liberia, our fight for socio-economic justice was strengthened by his courage and resolute defiance. He remains the heroic face of Africa's ongoing struggle against neo-colonialism. MANDIBA LIVES ON!!!

Dougbeh Chris Nyan, M.D.
Maryland, USA

A Tribute to Nelson Mandela
Won-Ldy Paye

The Lion Sleeps in Africa

Under the camel’s feet the Sahara sleeps Mount Kilimanjaro quietly weeps Around the Kalahari the rain walks in daylight As the Equator cradles Africa For in Africa the Lion sleeps tonight


You have entered the cave deep in Matopo hills A rock painting free from apartheid’s ills Rest and be blessed You’ve fought a good fight  Cairo will survive 
Soweto will never die Down from the Nile River To down the Orange River Between the Indian and the Atlantic Let them cradle you every day
Our MIGHTY ONe along your way You’ve given everyone a mighty life Dance on Nelson Mandela I meant our great Madiba When you see Thatcher

Or that man Botha Give them the Mandela’s smile You pleaded your case well The whole World can tell You won each fight my dear

In each 27 year They called you names to put you down And you forgave them with no frown The voiceless wail under the moon You’ve fought for them a good fight

In Africa, maybe soon
Those that crawl will walk The voiceless will talk So go on, don’t cry Dance on Mandela

I meant Madiba For in Africa the Lion sleeps tonight

Papa Mandela, we love you, but God Loves You Best. That is why God has called you home from your Labor to Rest. Thank you for your Legacy of Non-violence and Peaceful Resistance even if it means Imprisonment or Death.
Ladysmith Black Mambazo
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