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 Four samples of the websites we build.  
You are on one of the websites now.  We built this site you are on.

Click on each of the other three website:

Nya Dokie's Campaign Website--Running to be UNICCO National President

 Gbehlay Development Association (GDA)

Bless The Children Foundation (BTCF)   [
This site is still under construction]

The Computer we use to build your website

Building your website is one of our four areas of ope
rations or one of the services we provide.  Website has become a very important part of today's business.  People build website for many reasons.  Some build website to promote their business, church, organizations, associations or club.  Others build website to raise money or to simply tell the public who they are and what is the nature of their business. Website is a very important marketing tool for business. Someone has referred to website as the "foundation for everything that's done in business."  Whatever your reason is for wanting to build a website, we can help you build your website.  
Not only businesses need website, all Senators and Representatives, including 
City Mayors and Governors have their website also. This makes it easier for their
constituents to follow up on what their government officials are doing for them;
and for the government officials to tell their people what they are doing for their 
people they serve.  Here are two examples.  Jack Reed , US Senator of Rhode Island or click here: Senator Jack Reed Still another example: Senator Sheldon Whitehouse US Senator for Rhode Island. Click here: Sheldon Whitehouse. Nimba County Senators, Representatives, City Mayors, and Superintendents can do the same. They can have websites to share with their people what they are doing for their people. The Apple Computer you see at the top of this page is the computer we use to design your website. It is the most up the line computer that Apple has built thus far. It is OS X version 10.8.4, Processor 3.06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo. Memory is 16 GB 1067 MHz DDR3 27 inch. Our hard drive storage space is also enormous. 2TB.

        What do we have in mind
when we build your website?

When building your website, we think of easy accessibility to your site.  We think of simplicity, professionalism and giving your site a beautiful look.  In terms of accessibility, we use the process called SEO, which means [search engine optimization] as well as another process called SEM which stands for [Search engine marketing]. These two work together but they have different functions. These processes optimize the web pages, photographs, social media profiles, videos and blogs.  Search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Bing, Aol or the social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are part of our system connections that help with easy accessibility and connectivity. We put in certain key words that the search engine collects so that whenever anyone writes those words, your site becomes an organic listing or organic search. By so doing, your site is optimized and easily accessible to the public around the whole world.  Every word on every page of your website will be collected by the search engine so that whosoever is searching your page types any of those words, the computer will quickly match your words with what it already has in the database and your site will come up immediately from anywhere in the world.

Do You Want Music on Your Pages?

Having music on your pages is a decision that is made by the owner of the website.   We do not put any music on a page unless it is the decision of the owner of the site.  There are those who think that a soft music in the background of a site makes it inviting and soothing to the ear.  So they prefer to add music on their site. We do not decide the kind of music to be added to any page, the owner
chooses the kind of music.

There are those who say that music on a site is a distraction.  They do not want any music on any of their pages.  They say that a silent page helps the reader concentrates on what he or she is reading. In fact, Most websites have no music  
at all. We will prefer not to have any music on any of your sites.  It does not cost any more to add music on a page than not to have music on a page.  Its all the same price. We have music on our pages because we love music and we
enjoy the different music.  The owner of the site decides whether to have or 

 not to have music.  We do not make that decision. We prefer the silent pages.

A quick Solution to the Music Situation if you want to shut down the music.

Let us say, you turn to one of our websites that the owner has suggested we
add music to his/her site.  While visiting, he/she shows you his/her site
and you are not interested in hearing the music.  All you do is lower the volume partially or you lower it completely.  

But let us say you do not know where the volume control or adjusting
setting to the computer is, but you want to just shut down the entire music.
This is how you shut it  down.
At the bottom left or right of the page you are on,           
                                                                             ⬇ TO OPEN, 
you will see a little tube like this one.
   To Close, Click in 
Square on the right where the arrow is pointed.                   ⬆TO CLOSE
To stop music click on the square in the black area where the arrow is pointed.
The music will stop and you will enjoy your reading. When you are done and
want to leave the page, just leave the page. The next time you or someone else
comes back to that page, the music will automatically start playing again because
it is looped to play continuously.

Yet, there are those who feel that music on the site is good, but music should not be on every site.  So they choose specific sites or pages for music and specific
sites for no music.  Whatever your choice is, we are here to design your site the 
way you want it.  An example is our site.  We do not have music on every page.   Our Library we call Gban Electronic Library does not have music.  It is intended
to be a quiet room for reading. It has no music.   Click here:  Gban Electronic Library.

How many pages do I need?

Again, the answer to this question depends solely on the owner of the business.  Some people have budget for only 5 pages whereas, others may have choice for only 10 pages.  It depends on how large the business is and how much room you want.  Many people prefer the unlimited number of pages so that they can add more information on their site as the business grows.  The company we deal with has three categories of sites.  These are the three categories:

Economy, Deluxe, and Premium.

Economy allows you the following:

5 pages
8,700 Free Stock Photos
1  Email Address
1 GB*       Disk Space
150 GB     [Bandwidth]

GB does not stand for the Nimba County food of Liberia.   GB stands for gigabit. You cannot eat this GB.  If you want to eat the Liberian GB, Please go to a Liberian Restaurant.

The Deluxe allows you the following:

10 pages
8,700 Free Stock Photos
500 Email Addresses
10 GB   Disk Space
500 GB   [Bandwidth]

And Premium allows you the following:
Unlimited pages
28,000 Free Stock Photos
1,000 Email Addresses
50 GB Disk Space
1,000 GB  [Bandwidth]

If you have doubts,  
or any questions please call me.

Nya Kwiawon Taryor,
Or send me an email at

A Proposal on the Political Table
For Nimba County,
West Africa

The Addendum or footnote I want to add to the proposal below is:

I have a deep feeling that anyone who takes the leap of faith and is willing
to construct a website, will be suprise how much support he or she will get from both Nimbaians at home and abroad.  I am sure when any government official decides that this is the best way to go, there will be enormous support, including financial support, from all corners to help such individual to succeed.  Our people say, "you never try, you never know."   This is a challenge to all our government officials who want to leave a legacy of substance and value about his or her term in governmental
service. This will be a remarkable landmark or hallmark.  Others will like to do the same.  Do not focus on the messinger, focus on the
message.  Read again the benefits to be derived from this by the politicians as well as by the people you have come to serve.  This is the way the 21st century politics works. A WEBSITE is the sine qua non of politics, businesses, organizations,and  institutions such as schools, churches and associations around the world.  Don't be left behind. The is where
hard political facts go, and
not on the listserv.

Nya Kwiawon Taryor

A Proposal on the Political Table
For Nimba County, Liberia
West Africa

That is:

It is very Important that

All Nimba County Government Officials have individual Websites:

Benefits to the Politician:

This offers an opportunity for the political leader to showcase his or her achievements while in office.  All the developmental activities they have proposed to the Senate, or the House of Representatives or all that the politician did while serving as County Superintendent can be posted on the site for the constituents to read and see what that government official has done or is doing while in office.

If the government official is just coming into office, this will be the place to tell the community what he or she intends to do while in office.  All their promises and performances will be documented on their sites.

The site will be the place where government officials who are running for re-election or election can put their platforms for all to see.  This is the site that the politician will use for all his or her announcements to his or her constituency.  This is the place where the qualifications of the government officials will be clearly spelled out for all to see.

The site will generate more support for any progressive politician that is doing his or her best for the people.

The site will provide important information including the address of the politician, the telephone numbers to be contacted, the exact districts or constituencies that are being served.  The site will provide information on what kind of help this politician wants from his or her people in order to get better services.

This is the site that announcements of new projects just started or projects just completed will be posted for all to see and support. Financial reports and money needed to support projects will be on the site as well.

Benefits to the Public

With this arrangement where each of the government officials has his or her own individual websites, the citizens will be able to go to those sites and study carefully what their elected or appointed political leaders are doing for their people.  This is the beginning of Transparency and overt operations where everyone will see, read, and know what is truly happening in their regions—An opened-book administration.   

With sites that are informative and clear about what the government official is doing, the citizens will be able to determine whether to support, or not to support the particular politician.   This is what I call an open-book administration. The sources of the government official’s own records. The public will not have to be asking, who is this person, what are his or her qualifications, and what has this person done for us?  All the answers will be right there on the site.

The public will have the opportunity to suggest their ideas and exchange of information for development and for the good of the county.  The citizens will have an opportunity to dialogue with the government official about what is good for the town, village, district and the county as a whole.

From the site, citizens of the region will be able to get the phone numbers, addresses, and contact information about their political leader, and make suggestions for improvement.  Here, they are not left in the darkness about the performance or the identity of their leader.

This is where the line is drawn in the sand between the men and the boys and between the women and the 
girls in politics.  

By having a website where
a politician can showcase his or her
accomplishments and be opened to
his or her constituents--this shows
political maturity.  This is where you
separate the well seasoned politicians from the tenderfoot politicians, or the
"want to be politicians." There is where achievements or accomplishments are measured. There is where transparency is determined.  There is where issues are clarified and positions are defined. The website becomes a billboard for the politician's announcements.  The website becomes the  place for proclamation, notification, reporting, publishing, and broadcasting vital information to the community. The website becomes the Politician's Bulletin board for messages to his or her people.

In the 21st century, it is inconceiveable for a Senator, or a Representative or even a Superintendent of a county to go without a website.  To be without a website is to be backward and behind time and behind the present reality and civilization.

A responsible, well-meaning and innovative public servant should never
go without a website. 

Please go to the Addendum

Notes: I want to emphasize here that I do not care who builds the website for each government official. What is important is that each government official gets a website where his or her constituents can visit occasionally for information.  Just in case some of the officials do not know who to turn to for building their website, they can turn to me as an option.  My business, like all other website building business, is not free of charge.  There is a small fee for building your site.  But as a Nimba man, my costs are very reasonable.     

              Nya Kwiawon Taryor    



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