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The name of the Anthem:  
  "Blessed Be The Land of Zimbabwe"

Per capita income 

Zimbabwe    1994
                                                  (The year the anthem was adopted)

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        QUIZ QUESTIONS                    

1.   When did Zimbabwe get her independence? Who was the first Leader of the Independent Zimbabwe? How many leaders,
President or Prime Minister, has Zimbabwe had since the
day of independence? 

2.     Zimbabwe is a landlocked country like the few we have studied.
This means that it does not have an outlet to the ocean 
or sea.  It is surrounded by other countries.  It also is between
the Zambezi and Limpopo rivers. These two rivers are
mentioned in the National Anthem. Name the 4 countries that surround Zimbabwe.

3. This country, before independence, was referred to as  
Southern Rhodesia. The history of the people who inhabit
the place we now call Zimbabwe can be traced as far back 
as the 5th century.  From the 10th to the 11th century,
there was trade going on between the Arabs and the Shona people of the Kingdom of Mapugubwe. The Shona civilization
was dominant in the region between the 13th and 15th
centuries. The Mapugubwe kingdom was succeeded by the
Zimbabwe kingdom between 1300 and 1600.  The name
designations can be explained as follows:  Southern Rhodesia
(1923), Rhodesia (1965), and Zimbabwe Rhodesia (1979).
Michael Mawema, a black nationalist, was the first person to
introduce the word "Zimbabwe" in 1961 as a national 
reference when it was later adopted as the Name of the
country.  Zimbabwe comprises of 16 official languages just
like Liberia has 16 major languages. However, English,
Shona and Ndebele are the most common. The question is,
What were the commodities that were traded between
the Arabs and the Shona people of the Mapugubwe

4. What do you know about the UDI (Unilateral declaration of independence) and what was Ian Smith's position on the
matter? What was the United Kingdom's position on the
UDI?  What did the people of Zimbabwe do thereafter? 

5. The trade embargo on the nation resulted to a guerilla
war. Some key leaders in the war were Joshua Nkomo of
the Zimbabwe African People's Union (ZAPU) and Robert
Mugabe of the Zimbabwe African National Union (ZANU).
This war was against the white people's regime. What did
the white people do during this war--did they leave the
country, if so where did they go?  If not, what is the 
relationship now between the whate people and the
black African people of Zimbabwe?

6. What role did Bishop Abel Muzorewe, of the United 
Methodist Church at the time, Play? He was also the
head of the UANC (United African National Congress)
that carried a majority of parliamentary seats.  On
June 1, 1979, Muzorewa, became the first prime minister
and the name of the country was changed to Zambabwe 
Rhodesia.  (June 1, 1979 to December 12, 1979) - He signed  
the Lancaster House Agreement.

The purpose of the conference was to legitimize Zimbabwe's
independence and constitution and provide for elections
supervised under the British authority allowing Zimbabwe
Rhodesia to proceed to leagal independence. 
 The question is, what did this internal settlement 

accomplish for the people of Zimbabwe?  What did the
Bishop accomplish for his people?
on a personal note, I knew Bishop Abel Muzorewa very well 
    and I met him on many occasions at UMC conferences---Taryor

7. What do you know about Robert Mugabe's leadership
of his country?  How did he handle the land reform
issues between the white settlers and the African farmers?

8.     Whatever happened to the other guerilla war leader,
Joshua Nkomo of ZAPU?
9.  What is the capital city of Zimbabwe?

10. What is the population of Zimbabwe?

11. Who is Cecil Rhodes and what was his connection with the
British South Africa Company?  What is the significance
of the name Cecil Rhodes to Rhodesia?

12. For administrative purposes, Zimbabwe is divided into
8 provinces. What are the names of these provinces
and what are the names of their capital cities?

        13.    What is the political structure of this country?     

    14.    Which western nation colonized Zimbabwe and for how long? 

        15 .  Which Religion majority of the people in Zimbabwe adhere to? a.     Africa Traditional Religions?
b. Christianity
c. Islam
d. Hinduism
e. Buddhism
f. Judaism

16.  What do we mean when we say that  Zimbabwe is
a Shona and Ndebele land  even though there are
about 16 ethnicities in the country?



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“Canada »” Accessed August 5, 2013) .



Complete National-Anthems-World-Edition-2013
Slovak State Philharmonic Orchestra Kosice
Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra

         National anthems of the world Nationalhymnen der Welt. Free download

  The World Atlas


Listen to the

National Anthems of All
               African Countries

Every day a different African country's national     Anthem will play the entire day on this page.   This gives us an opportunity to listen to all the
National Anthems of each country in Africa.   There are 53 countries in Africa.  Some have
said that Liberia has one of the best Anthems
in the world.  Now we can listen to all the 
National Anthems of Africa and compare ours
with theirs.

The other reason for this exercise
is to provide our people the opportunity to
listen to, and to learn about other African
countries, see their flags, hear their National
Anthems, and enjoy the very beautiful music
we call, a country's National Anthem. Much
of our information comes from 

Please take note of the dates each

country's Anthem is played.  We begin with
South Africa on the 5th of August and end with
São Tomé and Principe on September 24, 2013.
If you want to know more about any of the
African countries, just click on the name of 
the particular country below on the left in blue among the list of 53 countries and you will have the information right there at your finger tip.

One interesting factor about the listing of the 
African countries in the order in which they are
listed.  They are listed with the country with the
highest per capital income above and the lowest
per capital income at the bottom of the list. Liberia
is 6 up from the bottom.   Total number of countries
is 53.


Shona Ndebele English
Simudzai mureza wedu weZimbabwe
Yakazvarwa nemoto wechimurenga;
Neropa zhinji ramagamba
Tiidzivirire kumhandu dzose;
Ngaikomborerwe nyika yeZimbabwe.
Tarisai Zimbabwe nyika yakashongedzwa
Namakomo, nehova, zvinoyevedza
Mvura ngainaye, minda ipe mbesa
Vashandi vatuswe, ruzhinji rugutswe;
Ngaikomborerwe nyika yeZimbabwe.
Mwari ropafadzai nyika yeZimbabwe
Nyika yamadzitateguru edu tose;
Kubva Zambezi kusvika Limpopo,
Navatungamiri vave nenduramo;
Ngaikomborerwe nyika yeZimbabwe.
Phakamisan iflegi yethu yeZimbabwe
Eyazalwa yimpi yenkululeko;
Legaz' elinengi lamaqhawe ethu
Silivikele ezithan izonke;
Kalibusisiwe ilizwe leZimbabwe.
Khangelan' iZimbabwe yon' ihlotshiwe
Ngezintaba lang' miful' ebukekayo,
Izulu kaline, izilimo zande;
Iz' sebenzi zenam', abantu basuthe;
Kalibusisiwe ilizwe leZimbabwe.
Nkosi busis' ilizwe lethu leZimbabwe
Ilizwe labokhokho bethu thina sonke;
Kusuk' eZambezi kusiy' eLimpopo
Abakhokheli babe lobuqotho;
Kalibusisiwe ilizwe leZimbabwe.
Oh lift high the banner, the flag of Zimbabwe
The symbol of freedom proclaiming victory;
We praise our heroes' sacrifice,
And vow to keep our land from foes;
And may the Almighty protect and bless our land.
Oh lovely Zimbabwe, so wondrously adorned
With mountains, and rivers cascading, flowing free;
May rain abound, and fertile fields;
May we be fed, our labour blessed;
And may the Almighty protect and bless our land.
Oh God, we beseech Thee to bless our native land;
The land of our fathers bestowed upon us all;
From Zambezi to Limpopo
May leaders be exemplary;
And may the Almighty protect and bless our land.



Courtesy of

“Canada »” Accessed August 5, 2013) .



Complete National-Anthems-World-Edition-2013
Slovak State Philharmonic Orchestra Kosice
Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra

      National anthems of the world Nationalhymnen der Welt. Free download

  The World Atlas









 South Africa---                                                       August  5



 Nigeria                                                                   August  6



 Egypt                                                                    August  7



 Algeria                                                                  August  8



 Angola                                                                   August  9



 Morocco                                                                 August  10



 Sudan                                                                    August  11



 Tunisia                                                                   August  12



 Ghana                                                                  August  13



 Libya                                                                    August  14



      August  15



      August  16



      August  17



       Ivory Coast                                                        
        August  18



 Tanzania                                                                 August  19



 Equatorial Guinea                                                  August  20



      August  21



      August  22



      August  23



      August  24



 Democratic Republic of the Congo                          August  25



 Republic of the Congo                                            August  26



 Senegal                                                                August  27



 Mozambique                                                          August  28



 Namibia                                                                August  29



      August  30



      August  31



       September   1



 Burkina Faso                                       
      September   1



      September   2



      September   3



      September   4



      September   5



      September   6



      September   7



 Guinea                                                                    September   8



      September   9



       September   10



       September   11



      September   12



 Lesotho                                                                  September   13



      September   14



 Sierra Leone                                     
      September   15



 Central African Republic                                        September   16



 Cape Verde                                       
       September   17



 Djibouti                                                                   September   18



      September   19



      September   20



 The Gambia                                      
      September   21



      September   22



      September   23



 São Tomé and Príncipe                                          September   24


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